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    Works with Alesis IO Dock

    I bought this to connect my Alesis IO dock to the ipad Air, enabling charging and music pass-through (including midi).

    The cable seems to work fine but 20cm is too short to be practical in many instances. The price is frankly, outrageous.

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    Half works on 2007 Audi with RNS-E iPod connection

    Was hoping this would work where all other converters have failed.
    Joy! - it did connect and I can play music through the Audi stereo, but unfortunately it won't charge.

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    Massive rip off but it works

    Bought this connect my phone to a VW car stereo with MDI cable. Works as it should and sound quality is great.

    One thing to note the plastic surrounding the tip of the cable is thicker than the usb cable supplied with a 5S. This meant I had to modify the end of the cable in order for it to slot into my phone while in an Element case.

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    Extra thick Ligntning connector

    I bought this item because I have a load of older devices using 30 pin connectors and I though this would be a convenient way to charge my iPhone 5 and new iPad using the existing cables (I had already bought the Lightning to 30 pin adapter - without the cable - and found it useless as it was too large fit my iPhone with its protective case on, whereas the plug on the Lightning to USB cable supplied with the phone fitted fine).
    For some reason the Ligntning conector on this cable is significantly larger than that on the Ligntning to USB cable. You cannot tell this from the photos - indeed the connectors look identical. Consequently this cable will not fit devices with many covers/cases - including Apple's own iPad cover.
    Why two different sizes of Lightning plug? I would understand if this was made by a third party manufacturer but this is an Apple product!

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    lack of charge capability

    Hoped to get full function connectivity to existing Pure I pod dock.Everything works except charge-- Apple say that no current dock will provide that facility. I think maybe there is a problem with charge through lightning as our existing usb charge point smply distorts touch screen when connected- the device can only be charged via adapter provided not through this lead.

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    No video support, why?

    Having discussed with the chap in the Apple store that I wanted to use my I-phone 5 in conjunction with the VGA projector in work, I purchased this with reassurances that it would work.

    The standard 30 pin VGA adaptor works splendidly with my I-pad, alas not with this attached to it.

    Very poor show Apple, especially when the Lightening to VGA adaptor DOES work with my phone.

    Can we perhaps solve this with the next iOS update?

    Apart from this it's another wise good addition to my Apple Stable, allowing me to keep one lead in work to charge both I-Pad and I-phone now rather than worry about losing the Lightning-USB lead.

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    Works great however

    it's so short and it just seems so over priced for a small thing that doesn't do a complicated job

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