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    Does audio and recharges but too big for Lifeproof fre

    • Written by from Manchester

    Bought the official Apple product as it's the only one I can find that charges and does audio (without the addition of an audio jack) but naively expected the lightning end to be the same size as that on the lead supplied with the iPhone - which you can use with a Lifeproof fre case for iPhone 6. Needless to say the connector housing is a lot bigger and doesn't fit through the case! Boo!! Since it does however work for charging and audio (at least it does on my Philips dock), rather than return it I've sanded it down so it does fit through the case. Looks a mess because I had to go all the way through the nice shiny plastic but at least it still works.

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    Well it connects sort of

    • Written by from Bubwith

    I have a Roland keyboard and I want to use it to input to Garage Band, not realising it has a USB midi port I used the 5 pin ones with an adapter to get to a 30pin and then via the apple 30pin to lightning. Well guess what -it worked, but only with IRig's app not GB. Apple have suggested trying the camera adapter, but reading here it doesn't look too promising. I think I'll contact Roland, May have a better chance of success?

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    Does the job but....

    • Written by from Goudhurst

    I bought the adapter version of this because I like to listen to the radio when I am running. Sadly Apple do not provide a radio which can be used when on the move so I have had to buy an accessory made by Roberts which is just the job. Sadly again these are no longer made and the fitting on my iPhone 5 is different from the iPhone 4. I bought the adaptor to convert the fitting but, like everyone else found that the case got in the way. I have therefore bought the wire which does the job and put this one on my dock. I am now running with , what feels like, metres of wire which is really really annoying.
    Why can't the radio be integrated like it is on my daughter's Samsung. This does do the job, but I should not have had to buy such an expensive adaptor. Overall I have spent nigh on £100 to get a decent radio

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    It works but unnecessary payment to do what a iphone3 did

    • Written by from chard

    The cable works with all my docks, and you can still control the phone from the dock also (play, pause, next, previous etc)! I appreciate its a clever bit of kit and not just a lead, but just seems unnecessarily expensive to get back to doing what past iPhones did! A necessary expense but does the job well!

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