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    • Written by from Norwich

    Great product with super fast charge time compared to a normal charger.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty compact and useful to have a spare...

    • Written by from Bramhall

    As some people have reviewed negatively this does not include the USB cable - but many people will already have one and just want a spare charger. You can buy either the lightning / dock cable separately - including one would have wasteful and upped the price for people who already have one.

    12w (so over 2 amp) high speed charging - although due to the huge capacity battery in the iPad it still takes a while to charge if completely flat.

    I had seen 3rd party chargers a bit cheaper but to be honest for something plugged in probably most of the time I'd rather pay the extra few pounds for a genuine charger.

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    An apple design classic

    • Written by from Dudley

    Couldn't be more opposed to those saying it looks ugly. Next to my MagSafe charger it just looks right. Well made and of quality materials too. In comparison the new triangle chargers you get with the iPhone and iPad mini, just look like generic other manufacturer copies. Severe lack of imagination there Apple!

    Also these work with the world travel charger adapters due to the interchangeable plugs.

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    Quick charger than standard 5W charger

    • Written by from stockton-on-tees

    I honestly don't understand why people slate this charger for being bulky. Or even ugly???
    What's more important? the look of your iPhone/iPad or the charger? Obviously it the iPhone/iPad.

    Yes it's a tiny bit bigger than the standard 5W iPhone charger. But the charge time is seriously reduced.
    Why do you think Apple issued this charger in the first place when purchased with a iPad?

    Answer: from 0% to 100% charges in about 2-3hrs with 12W charger, with the 5W charger 4-5hrs maybe more.

    With iPhone 4S this charger can charge my phone 0% to 100% in around 1hr.

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    Excellent item - not before time

    • Written by from Stockton on Tees

    I am glad they have finally released a standalone ipad charger without the stupid cable. I like to have a spare or two around in different rooms.

    This being 12w version is a Bonus, it charges my ipad 3 a lot quicker than with the 10w version

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