• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not really good enough

    I gave this three stars but it really should be two, this works as a time capsule straight from the box, but thats it, as a wireless setup, its not very good, if Im not in the same room I cant get enough signal for my Mac Book Pro to pick it up, i wanted to use it to store all my music and photos but haven't discovered how to do that yet, it will mean I will have to be in the same room to do anything with them when I do. The Apple shop in Norwich told me I have to remove the BT router when using this but they don't know what they are talking about, it has to be wired in after the router or you don't get any internet!!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent router. Good backup storage. Poor file sharing.

    I've bought it 2 months ago.
    Flawless installation/configuration.
    Reliable and fast as a router.
    Good a storage for TimeMachine for my Mac Mini (ethernet) and MacBook Pro (WiFi).

    However file sharing is disappointing due to too aggressive spin down time. Disk goes to sleep in less than 30 seconds after last access! Streaming media from it may lead to 'funny' pauses in playback if your player buffers more than few seconds. Streaming stuff to Macs can be painful. Streaming anything to PC is just pointless. And no 'spin down time' option in configuration :(

    It also reported bogus (hopefully) problems with the hard drive. After restart it's green again.

    Considering all that I've decided to buy proper NAS solution, leaving Capsule as backup-only device with no file sharing at all.

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    Terrible Packaging!!! *Open with extreme care...*

    I read a review about the packaging being not very well designed but I didn't think about it when I received and opened the box for my new Time Capsule.

    I opened the box carefully whilst standing up above my desk and it required some effort as a result of some air pressure I guess... then when it gave way the Time Capsule falls (more like jumped!) out and hit the desk...

    Took a chip out of my work desk and scuffed the corner.... why on earth they made packaging like this I've no idea... complete FAIL by someone or many people at Apple here.... part of the buzz of buying an Apple product from Apple is the experience of opening the box for the first time.

    Big big let down.... I could call to complain but I doubt anything would come of it and I'm pretty sure they won't accept any liability.... for the chip in my desk now.

    Beside's why would I want to or why should I have to complain to my favourite computer company... a bit gutted....

    My suggestion and what should be Apple's clear recommendation is to open the box upside down with the top firmly on the desk or flat surface... this is pretty much the only way you can avoid it falling out. Only fell 20 cm but that was enough to chip my desk.

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    Guest networking feature does not work with Sky broadband

    Just got a new (July 2013) 3TB Time Capsule. As with my previous TC the guest network feature only works when it is set-up in router mode (as a DHCP and NAT server). Unfortunately the only way to get the TC to work with a Sky broadband router is to operate it in bridge mode (DHCP and NAT off) as otherwise you get a "Double NAT" error (even with DHCP off on the Sky router). This means the guest network is not possible with Sky broadband.

    Otherwise it seems pretty good. Shame Apple haven't made the guest network feature more usable, and shame they don't tell you that it only works with some broadband connections.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Shared USB external Hard Drive can't be backed up using Time machine

    Disappointed that the Shared external USB Hard Drive can't be backed up using Time machine, little backwards here i think especially at this price point, this was one of the main reasons i bought the Capsule, i foolishly expected this facility. Don't expect Guest network to work in all cases. Appart from that it's ok.

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