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    Nice package but very, very low sound quality

    I never intended to do a review, and at the time I bought them I presumed they were fine, since, well, they seemed to sound better than the default headphones, sound was clearer. The problem is that now I got hold of two pairs of more or less decent over the ear headphones and while comparing which pair is better, I decided to compare the subject of this review, as well. My findings are quite shocking: playing the same bit of a song, wearing Apple in-ear headphones I cannot hear parts that I now know are there, predominantly at low frequencies. This is really outrageous, I cannot believe I payed £66 pounds for such a piece of trash! I even compared the default iPhone 4S headphones. Even though they are less clear, using them I can actually physically distinguish all the parts and instruments of a song, which in a sense tells you that given the retail price of £66 one needs to try, and try hard, to make as rubbish headphones as Apple in-ear ones.

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    No bass

    I'm really disappointed with these headphones. Right now I have the volume turned up full and can't really even hear the bass. Apart from that the treble is tinny.. I wouldn't be surprised if these headphones are actually bad for your ears. They are overpriced if you ask me.

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    Apple In Ear Headphones

    Bought these for £65 yesterday and am returning them tomorrow,they are just too flat,not much bass etc,will just stick to my trusty Sound Magic E10s....

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    Fall apart regularly

    The rubber on the ear phones where they connect to the cord falls apart with alarming regularity.

    On the first pair I bought the glue holding the rubber in place simply wore off. On the second pair which I've used far less and kept in its case mostly has the rubber melting.

    On the whole I can't recommend these overpriced and short lived headphones at all.

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    Mic does not work when using with MacBooks!

    I used to have the previous generation Apple in ear headphones (MA850G/B) and they worked brilliantly including on my MacBook. On these new ones ME186ZM/A the microphone is not recognised by the MacBook... Went to Apple store and tried brand new sets with brand new Macs and the guys had to admit that for some reason they do not work... Very disappointed. Please fix this!

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    You're all wrong... These are good.

    I bought a pair of these about five years ago on recommendation from a friend after complaining about another pair of headphones that had perished after limited use.

    Since then I have had two more pairs (I lost a pair and bought a replacement, and HMV had reduced them to £30 once, so I couldn't resist)... None have experienced any build quality faults after extensive use (my in-line remote on a £130 pair of Bose is temperamental)... They dismantle easily for a deep clean...

    All Apple users will appreciate the simple understated look, the excellent compact carry case and the hardy in-line remote...

    Now to address the well-documented flaws:
    - replacement buds... I got some from the Regent Street Apple Store for free... I don't know if that was a lucky exception or something that other users have not done.
    - lack of bass... I agree with the other user - PUSH THEM IN - get the snuggest fit buds and push them to create a seal with the ear... And this helps block out the external noise...
    - clarity... for most users paying £60 I guess that these will be for your iPod/iPhone whilst on the bus/tube and not for studio-listening... I get plenty of clarity for in-ear headphones and they compare well to similarly priced Sennheiser and Sony sets that I have bought... I agree with another reviewer that the only time I notice extra 'parts' to a song is when using higher-end on-earphones in a quiet environment...

    [ I personally would recommend Bose earphones if you live near a store as they will give you unlimited replacement buds and will replace the headphones under a two-year warranty... When out of warranty they heavily discount a new pair to replace them... ]

    Make your mind up for yourselves but if you get a chance to try these then do...

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    Great design, shame not replacement tips

    I personally found sound acceptable, if you want natural sounding bass you'll always need to go for over-ear headphones. The only plug earphones I've listened to with strong bass tend to sound unnatural. Ultimately at this size, you'll never achieve deep bass.

    The carry case is great if you don't want to unfurl cables every time you use it, but can be a little awkward to wind back up as if you don't get it right the plug can end up wound on to a corner of the triangular case and you'll have to un-wind it, then re-wind it so you can get the cover on.

    My biggest issues, is that if you lose the gel tips (which ALWAYS happens eventually) apple want you to buy new earphones at £65! because they don't sell replacement gel tips. You can buy replacements from amazon, etc.. but they are just not as good quality. Really feel let down by this policy and will be being from someone else next time.

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    Push 'em in!

    I was also initially disappointed with these headphones and shocked at the lack of depth and bass. I then experimented with the different sized buds and pushed them in enough to form a complete seal. The difference was awesome. All of a sudden I got what I expected for £65.00! Push them in to get a full seal and then they work. I'm certain those who have complained about lack of bass and detail weren't using them right. Had mine nearly 4 years. No problems.

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    Wish I'd read the reviews - Just awful

    Thought I'd try these as a change from the standard ear buds, which if you can find an oversize foam cover to put on them so they sit right in the ear are amazingly good for the price.

    These are quite comfy, but have a thin reedy sound with no bass. Tried all the the different ear cushion sizes and not much difference. If these were £25, I'd be unimpressed. At £65, frighteningly bad.

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    These fell apart within three months. A complete waste of money.

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    These headphones cost £65 - but YOU CANNOT REPLACE THE RUBBER END BITS - apple does not sell them and the headphone is smaller than standard brands so other makes do not fit.


    (I lost a small size rubber end bit in a taxI - when travelling. It cannot be replaced. Headphones now useless)


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    Good quality, built to last

    These headphones have lasted me longer than any of Apple's previous offerings, and the sound quality is much nicer than the Ear Buds as well. I've had headphones with better bass, but these don't lack in any part of the spectrum.

    My only issue with them is the lack of ability to purchase replacement end pieces, but that's not too much of an issue if you use the included case to carry them in.

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    In ear headphones with remote and mic

    So pleased with my purchase. These are worth twice as much and the sound is brill.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    As soon as i got these as a Christmas present, i made sure i fitted the correct silicone buds for my ears, which is where i guess a few of the negative reviewers went wrong. They were miles better than the free ones i got with my iPhone and i've just doubled the experience by fitting them with some Comply Whoomp! memory foam earbuds. I'm now unable to listen to them at full volume because the bass is head numbing!
    After having them for nearly 2 years the rubber has started to split where the leads go into the headphones on both sides, which I've cured with some white electrical tape Blue Peter style!
    When it's time to replace them i'd definitely consider another pair.

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    Returned the same day

    Very poor sound quality, bought on a whim to replace the 'phones that came with an iPhone 5. Turned right around and took them back to the shop. Apple fail.

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    Don't work

    Have twice had to return these headphones as they simply do not work. After about a month, the right ear stopped working completely on both occasions. If you are thinking £65 seems fair for what is bound to be a reasonable product, given that Apple tends not to produce rubbish, don't be fooled. Spend a bit more and get a better pair, or buy a pair for a tenner that will absolutely do the same job, if not better. Seriously.

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    Basically flawed

    These ear phones come with different sized silicon ear buds, but they are very easy to lose and are then impossible to replace from Apple. I found the smallest the only size that fits me, and having lost one - and I store my IPod and ear phones in a ziplock bag as they easily pop off - they are pretty much useless. The next size up is both uncomfortable, and springs out of my ear. You can buy replacement ear buds from other companies, but had I known before how easy they were to lose, and that they cannot be replaced, I would have bought in-ear headphones from a company that sold replacements. Also the replacement ones I've found are black, which would look better if I'd already got black headphones.

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    Top Earphones

    These earphones have very high sound quality, people have complained about their bass but these people obviously do not have the right size ear tips in. Overall, the sound on these earphones are well balances and you can hear notes you never heard before due to the enhanced clarity.In the past I have owned sennheiser and soundmagic earphones and these blow them out the water. The only headphones that beat these are the Beats Solo HDs/Solo 2, but that is understandable because they are headphones. I have had these pair for a year, a little disappointed that they stopped working in the left year, but I will still have no doubt in buying a second pair. Well worth the money.

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    Un-recommended (mine have been returned)

    For £65 and considering they are a Which best buy, I was really expecting these would be a lot better than the standard headphones that come with the iPhone. Sadly they're not. Not even on a par, but actually a lot worse. The music totally lacks base, and sounds very tinny - like you'd expect from a little speaker. Have returned and am awaiting a refund.

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