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    Best cable ever

    I must confess I didn't come to the Apple website with the intention of writing a review on lightning cables, I intended to get another one. I was so surprised about the bad reviews I thought I should write a genuine review.
    I've been using lightning cables since they appeared on the planet, they never died on me, never failed even for one day. They're more expensive than other cables we get from Amazon or eBay. But they're worth every penny, as we know we're getting the real deal. Also Apple customer service is brilliant*****

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    Simply the Best Lightning Cable Ever

    I bought this 0.5m usb lightning cable for my 64gb space grey iPhone 5s, to plug into my macbook air, but then i also bought the £35 new designed apple lightning dock stand, but i didn't want too much cable clutter around my desk, so this is the perfect cable for my macbook air to my iPhone 5s, its short, simple, and very reasonable length, which is plenty far to go around from the back of your macbook to you iPhone, if i could post an picture i would have explained it more, but unfortunately theres no way i can show it to yo, but it works perfectly and its amazing, its an must buy for all macbook, pc, laptop user or even for your car. :-)

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    A sound, reliable cable

    I'm joining the ranks of the reviewers who don't know what all the criticism is about - other than "Apple Bashing", or people simply following the crowd. I have had an iPad, an iPad mini, and two iPhone 5s which need the lightning cable. They range between 6 months and 36 months old. Not once have I had a cable break or malfunction. I think the reviewer who said the problem people have may be due to dust/dirt in the socket is probably right - I have cases on all my devises. Also one has to remember that these devices are sophisticated pieces of technology, and whilst robust (I've dropped my phone and iPad loads of times without breaking them), they still have to be maintained and looked after.

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    Absolutely fine

    The cable is clearly well made and durable. I have had one for several months with no problems whatsoever. My wife has had hers for about 18 months and no issues.

    This is contrary to the plentiful supply of negative reviews. The cables are not flimsy; the users are blatantly careless. This is as well made if not better than other lightning cables available. It is also as good as any 30 pin cable, which is an achievement because 30 pin technology is so well established.

    Please note that many negative reviews are not actually highlighting a fault with this product (I have therefore reported them as inaccurate):
    1. Some highlight a fault with the charger not the cable.
    2. Some complain about the cable being too short. Well you should have bought the 1 m cable for the same price. This is not the place for expressing consumer incompetence.

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    They're great

    I don't know why people give these cables a bad review. They work fine and last for ages!

    If you start yanking your charger from the socket by the cable of course it's going to break! Be careful with your belongings.

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    No problems and year guarentee!

    Don't see why people are complaining, these come with a year guarentee so if there is any problems they will replace it?
    Also if you take it out correctly instead of just pulling on it then it doesn't break anyway.

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    Where are you all talking about? I've got my one about 13 months and didn't have any problems. With 30-pin thing was bad but this new is awesome.

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    I don't know what all the bad reviews are about. Ive had mine since it came out with the iPhone 5 cane out, and had no problems. It works better, is more compact and even looks better

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    Not quite sure why there are all the negative reviews...

    I've had the same cable for my iPhone for almost a year now and haven't had a single issue with it. The reversible dock connecter in neat and means no fumbling about at night trying to get the orientation right.

    Very pleased with mine.

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    DUST is the Answer !!

    I've noticed a lot of people are saying that this cable doesn't work and that they've had it replaced many times. I used to be that person.....but I have the ANSWER...

    There is NOTHING wrong with the cable - there simply is too much dust inside the port of your iOS device e.g. iPhone 5. Just use something as simple as a toothpick and take out all the accumulated dust. That's why sometimes the cable works if you "insert or push it at an angle" because of all the dust!!

    So REMOVE THE DUST from the port and hey presto !!

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    I have two Lightening to USB cables; one came with my iPhone 5 and I bought a spare. I have one plugged into my Mac Mini all the time, so that I can load photos onto the computer from my phone.
    The other gets used all the time to charge the device (and I travel an awful lot on business, so the cable is plugged in and out every day).
    I also use it when I'm driving to connect my iPhone to the car, especially when I charge the iPhone when using the amazing, free, WAZE SatNav App.
    Both cables are 9 months old and show absolutely no sign of wear or breaking.
    I really do wonder what on earth the one-star reviewers are doing with theirs.
    Are they unlucky? Or are they clumsy, ham-fisted lummoxes?

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    I don't know what everybody is talking about. I've had this cable for almost a year and never had any problems with it.

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    Solution ?

    I think that Apple could solve this cable problem by making the plug that goes into the unit about three times the length. As it is so small it is easy to damage the cable by bending/pulling. If cable wires then short-out they can damage the power supply !!

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    Had a laugh at the reviews saying their kids' cables broke (kids ALWAYS look after their things don't they!?) and even the review slamming Apple for wanting the broken cable before providing a FREE replacement.

    You can't please everyone.

    I bought my iPhone 5 on release day (Oct 2012?) and used the cable almost daily since, including travel abroad twice and trips in UK. Cable never missed a beat, even after the cat had a go at eating it.


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