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    Exceptionaly bad

    I have lost the count on how many lighting cables I have bought. They all split at one end. I don't understand why Apple do not improve thus repeated fault! One after another always tge same! Expensive product, very poor quality and Apple dont care.

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    'Made for iPhone 6' lightening cables

    I think there must be a serious design fault with the lightening cable design. They don't last. At the current rate I am replacing them monthly. There should be no difference between the 'made for iphone, ipad etc.' versions and the genuine Apple versions. I have had both and both are equally prone to failure and not robust. You don't get this problem with other forms of connector/ charging cable design.There must be a design fault. I now make a conscious effort to keep receipts so that I can return them to retailers for a replacement. However, this should not be necessary and the product should be fit for purpose from the start. It would be nice to get a response from Apple on this.


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    Best cable ever

    I must confess I didn't come to the Apple website with the intention of writing a review on lightning cables, I intended to get another one. I was so surprised about the bad reviews I thought I should write a genuine review.
    I've been using lightning cables since they appeared on the planet, they never died on me, never failed even for one day. They're more expensive than other cables we get from Amazon or eBay. But they're worth every penny, as we know we're getting the real deal. Also Apple customer service is brilliant*****

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    Rubbish quality

    Expensive poor quality.

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    Poor quality

    Not lasting for long, hate to get replacement all the time!

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    Over priced, poor quality

    Waste of time, waste of money. I'm now on 5th cable!!! All have slit and stopped working, and no I haven't over used them!!! Apple needs to drop the price of a needed but poor quality item!!!

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    A disgraceful product

    I am so tired of replacing iPhone/iPad chargers. We have in our house 6 apple products but never more than 2 chargers working at a time
    It's about time Apple designed a cable that is built to last.

    I have spent a fortune on cables and I am seriously considering changing to an android phone if the problem with cables isn't fixed soon.

    Come Apple sort this out. Instead of working on another iPhone get some of your technical guys to fix this issue. Or at least make the price of replacements a lot cheaper.

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    Are you willing to buy a new cable every 6 months?

    Because that's what will happen. I just don't understand how Apple can build and iPhone in all it's complexity and fails to bring a reliable cable to us.
    It's just a cable! Why can't you build one that actually works for a while??

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    Simply the Best Lightning Cable Ever

    I bought this 0.5m usb lightning cable for my 64gb space grey iPhone 5s, to plug into my macbook air, but then i also bought the £35 new designed apple lightning dock stand, but i didn't want too much cable clutter around my desk, so this is the perfect cable for my macbook air to my iPhone 5s, its short, simple, and very reasonable length, which is plenty far to go around from the back of your macbook to you iPhone, if i could post an picture i would have explained it more, but unfortunately theres no way i can show it to yo, but it works perfectly and its amazing, its an must buy for all macbook, pc, laptop user or even for your car. :-)

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    hopeless cables

    Apple cables are very poorly specified. The strain relief is insufficient and the cable sleeve wears easily. They have been like this since I first had an iPhone 3G. Lightning cables have not improved the reliability at all. I am constantly throwing out failed cables and buying replacements.

    It really is time Apple addressed this. It's a joke.

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    Consider changing to Android

    I've never previously owned a phone that lasted longer than the charger. But my I-Phone 5 has just been one long story of terrible cables. The one that came with the phone just stopped working after a few months. I've tried cheap ones, which periodically get blocked by Apple. But today my patience has been blown. Having bought two expensive chargers which were sold as certified in an attempt to avoid 'cable not certified message' they both stopped working at the same time. No doubt some upgrade that I've not been warned about. If Apple can't produce a charger that works then it is totally unfair not to let you buy one that does. I've now got a dead phone with no means of charging. I was considering buying the new I-Phone when it comes out, but I will seriously consider changing to a phone with a reliable power supply as that is basic.

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    Poor Quality

    Had my iPhone 5c for only two weeks and the charger has already broken! The wire has come out of the actual charging component that fits into the phone, exposing the copper wires. Very dangerous! Turned it off straight away, preventing a possible serious accident. Not impressed, Apple.

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    Poor engineering design

    Might want to consider and arrange customer priorities when designing a product. You seemed to have poorly evaluated the customers needs on cable specification of life expectancy. Have bought several cables now didn't realise there was a monthly subscription fee of one cable per month for charging my phone.

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    This wont come as a shock

    I am now on my 5th cable in 15 months. My phone spends most of its life sat charging on my work desk, so its not unusual usage. Yes Apple will "occasionally" replace the cable FOC, but put simply, the cable is not fit for purpose. Unfortunately I cannot foresee a change to this issue, as its all about the %'s of faults with Apple. It would however be useful if they could at least reduce the price of the cables to reflect the quality of the product.

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    rubbish... i mean really really rubbish

    have gone through about 20 of these, all the apple ones have failed for x4 iPhones, x3 iPods, x1 iPad.... replacement ones have broken... complete and utter rubbish and overpriced for the quality... doesn't seem to do any good writing reviews because they just do not last... we need these cables yet they are so bad!!!

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    Shocking charger

    Pun intended, but on a serious note, this is such a terrible charger, everyone has the same issue with the cable splitting at the top of the lightening port.

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    let down

    I feel completely let down by Apple as I have bought many of their products but the lighting cable to my iPhone 5s (and both my daughter's iPhones) have failed to work for no reasonable reason, on more than one occasion. To replace these cables are not cheap £15 a time! This is the most usless piece of equipment ever and I feel Apple should seriously look into producing a new charger free of charge to all that are forced to use this useless lightning cable - it is seriously not fit for its purpose!

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    Terrible product

    I seem to be very lucky -- other people report their Lightning cables becoming unusable after as little as a month, whereas mine seem to last 3-4 months. Which is still appalling. But at least our local Apple reseller is willing to replace them. And I hear that Apple stores replace them no-questions-asked. It's still a shame that such high quality phones and tablets are let down by such terrible cables.

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    Very poor quality

    Very poor quality had sevral probleme with this cable.not charging properly the quality should be high comparing to the price device

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    DISGUSTING quality.

    Never before have I been so INFURIATED by Apple. I have been through FOUR of these Cables in the last FOUR MONTHS. The quality and design of this product is truly pathetic, how can Apple be charging such an extortionate price for these horrendous leads which appear to only last up to a month. Might I add that all four leads, of which are still in my possession,appear to be in PERFECT condition on the exterior, though each one has failed due to obvious internal reasons of which I do not know. As if to frustrate me further, after the purchase of my mac pro for Christmas, within a month of having the product, the same issue has arrived with my charging lead. This is becoming trdiously repetitive and I can honestly say that I will not be upgrading my iPhone to the newest model this continues to happen. I am NOT the kind of person who can afford to shed out 15-20 pound on each new lead I must order to maintain the use of my iPhone. Apple's reputation is truly going to be at stake if they do not do something to compensate those of whom this issue has affected and for the clearly inevitable problems for the future.

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