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    Now on my third 5s charger!

    I brought my 5s in February and now it's September I am currently on my 3rd Charger. I also have an iPad which has the same cable so I have used that in conjunction with my iPhone 5s and iPad at the same time. I then brought another from apple (cable) which also broke - it is apparently called the 'double chin' which is where the end of the cable doubles up and starts to become 'iffy' and slowly degrading quality. I therefore decided to buy a cheap one online which also failed to work within 1 week of buying it- Granted it was not an apple product but still- none of the cables that I have brought work. Clearly there is a universal default with the cables, this is also a bad point as all Apple cables are very expensive! But overall, I still love my iPhone and all products, its just a shame that the cables don't work.

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    compact but not great...

    yeah they're compact and great to eye!! but that's all they're good for...to look at.
    I've had my iPhone5 7 months, my original cable stopped working after 6 months.
    I look after my things with respect and definitely not heavy handed with any of my technical devices.
    I tried a few cheaper cables on the market and every time they popped up with the 'not supported' notification. So, I brought another original iPhone cable 2weeks ago for £15.
    so far so good. but i'm not relying on it to last too long... my partner has only had his iPhone 5S since late October 2013 were now 23rd January 2014 (3months approx.) and his original cable has gone This morning, it wont connect/charge nothing. Apple, there is something wrong with design of these cables.

    oh, and we've cleaned the plug in area on our phones too...very much care has to be taken when doing this, we used cotton buds/q-tips. didn't help resolve the issues.

    weve had iphone 3s and 4s, pods 3s and 4s.... those charging/synincing cables are fine and hardy and still work today no replacements have EVER been made.

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    Rubbish in comparison to original iPod 30 Pin USB cable. Wouldn't connect to PC every time from purchase and stopped charging properly after a few months

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