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    Lasted fine with me.

    Since reading reviews of how terrible this cable was i have been dreading the day it breaks and I'd have to pay for another one. However I got an Iphone 5 in December 2012 and I am still using the same USB cable. Its worked fine for me, I think its just your luck with the product and how well you look after it.

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    Its how you treat them

    Had original cables with wifes iphone5 for 16 months and mine for 3 months on my 5s. No problems. This lead is for my car so i can play my spotify and charge on the go. Just treat them with respect and they will outlast your phone.

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    lightning cable charger.

    I bought iphone 5 in September 2012 day of release the charger I got with my iphone still works perfectly and have had no faults. it is all down to the care of the product. my charger stays next to my bed forever gets plugged in every night and like I said I have had no problems what so ever. the battery does need looking at though.

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    People saying its rubbish it's not they only brake because your careless with it and when you leave your iPhones .... Charging for say a whole night the end of the cable is bent to it courses the wired inside to brake and that will happen with any cord if you treat it badly . Just like it dose with head phone pretty much all cables ! I have had my cable 2 years now and it's only broke because it feel out of my pocket and got driven over by a car !

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    What is everyone complaining about?

    I really don't know what on earth all the fuss is about. I've had the 0.5m cable since October 12 and it still works fine. maybe not the most elegant cable but provided you don't cut it wash it or pull on it or anything else stupid, it should be fine. take care of it and it will work.

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    What's all the fuss?

    I've had my Lightning connector for around 4 months now, and I haven't had any serious problems with it, so I'm very surprised to see a 1 star on this product. The only thing I dislike about it is the length. If you charge it through your Mac, then I think the length is fine. But if you charge from a 3-point plug (UK) then I think 1m is essential. Having had a mostly positive experience, I'm confused by a lot of the reviewers' comments.

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