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    Superb Microphone

    If you are looking for a great quality audio input for your computer without the hassle of pre-amps then this is the mic for you. I bought it to use for podcasting and I have been very impressed by the sound quality. As regards set up, I'm using it with a MacBook Air, I plugged the Snowball into the USB port and GarageBand recognized it automatically, couldn't have been easier. Buy one today!

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    Excellent for home studio

    I've been looking for a good microphone to use with my mac for a while. The Snowball is excellent. Earlier versions suffered from being very quiet but this issue has now been solved. The mic plugs into any USB port and is immediately available to any application that requires voice input. I've used it with Skype, wiretap studio and garageband. It works flawlessly and produces crisp clear audio. It's pretty large and heavy and has very professional feel to it.

    A great piece of kit for not a lot of money.

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    If you're looking to record vocals or a guitar then this is well worth the money. It's simple and easy to use. Simply plug in and use. I used it for recording guitar and vocals together and it works perfectly. I especially like this as I want to play my guitar through my own amp and record without having to use the built in garageband amps. Quality microphone...

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    simpy fantastic

    This product has not let me down once as it constantly delivers clear and crisp audio. It is perfect (as i have a band) and we can record all the songs we do with no worry that they wont turn out perfect. The only thing that I found wrong with this product was it didnt come with any instructions for setup. (:S) Im sure this was just a mistake with the shipping of my microphone so I just got them off the internet. Other than that i did not find one fault with this product and would strongly reccomend. :D

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    Excellent bit of kit for amateur recording

    Wanted a simple plug and play mic for recording guitar and piano demos and this works perfectly. Works straight out of the box and with a bit of tweaking in Garageband, you can get a really good re-production. Piano in particular has really surprised me as I'd always been told this is the hardest instrument to record (just placed the mic on top of my upright, angled down towards the soundboard, and added a spot of reverb in the mix for a sound that is better than some pro classical recordings I've heard!). Top bit of kit for enthusiastic amateurs!

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    brilliant, brilliant,mic

    I bought mine from Apple over a year ago, and it has given unfaultable performance. I feel a sense of duty to recommend it because we have had so much fun with it. You get absolutely perfect crisp sound pickup- we record acoustic guitar and ukelele and vocals into garageband and the detail is amazing. You can hear the slightest intake of breath, and if you close mic it to the sound hole of the guitar, you pick up wonderful fingers-on-string action. When I opened it I was surprised at the size of the mic- From the pictures I imagined a golf ball sized globe. In fact it's at least a softball size 10cm diameter. If you like Apple's California-geek-meets-creative-type fusion thing you'll love the Blue microphone company- the manual and website are friendly unstuffy and helpful. Buy now!

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    Best mic I have used

    This mic was perfect for mac pc and iPad

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    Crystal Clear

    Just brilliant, purchased to record vocals and live concert performances as well as dictations and record interviews, it has managed all requirements superbly. A simple comparison between the built in mac mic, a basic 35mm mic desk mic and this are incomparable. Zero background noise and able to confidently handle my wife's top notes (she is a soprano). Thoroughly recommended!

    Be warned though, it is quite a bit larger than the pictures show. Think softball size on a stand.

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    A superb microphone . Fairly weak and feeble stand.

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    Does not work with any iMac (2013)

    We got an iMac in November 2013 and it doesn't work with this excellent microphone. Actually, it doesn't work with any USB microphone. Apple have a huge hardware and/or software flaw on their hands and don't seem to be doing anything about it.

    Using a USB hub almost entirely aleviates the problem, but every once in a while it still reoccurs and as a result, completely removes all sense of security when using this microphone on the iMac.

    The problem? Severe static, audio getting stuck in an infinite loop, skipping and popping.

    Be aware when you have a late 2013 iMac, this awesome microphone might not work with it.

    Also - it's great for isolating background noise but you really have to be super close for it to work in Mode 2.

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