• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    An outdated device which is now past its sell by date!!

    • Written by from Whiteparish

    This item although good quality is now dated compared to the iRig and blue box, at £279 it is extremely expensive. Bit like talking about projectors like Infocus which were £4000 new and now are better and £1500

    You must plug everything in before loading Logic Pro X or you will get howls and feedback like no tomorrow. This is the way Logic Pro X works not the pedal, but the driver leaves all the volumes up if you use the Apogee template which has some good base level set ups.

    What is really bad about the device is getting a manual that gives you the specs of what it does and doesn't do not just from a user perspective. There is a user guide but not specs. There is little to no information about how it connects to Logic, Garage band etc. It gives you a template and thats it, you are into the 1000page Logic Pro manual.

    Configuring different amps and pedals is not that easy. The assignments are not in the manual they are in the Knowledge base which you have to search for.

    So Apogee information is absolutely poor I have sent them many emails and support tickets which they answer but only at a general level like you can or cannot do.

    Depending what you plug into the Gio you get an audio channel for that device. So it is not a midi controller and you cannot use software instruments. That would have made it an awesome device.

    It is now outdated, I wish I never bought one as I would have bought a Roland GR55 which gives you far more with the midi pickup.

    Because of the price, no information and the set up I give this one star just as I would my 10 year old Infocus projector compared to what is available today!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent unit!

    • Written by from Bracknell

    This, in my opinion, is a fantastic item. I bought this for use with my MacBook Pro running Mainstage 2. It works seemlessly with Mainstage, offering exactly the amount of control that I was looking for. I now have a fantastically versatile guitar rig for live performance.
    Excellent build quality finishes this off brilliantly. 10/10 thus far.
    It was also very simple to 'aggregate' this unit with Apogee Duet2, giving extra output possibilities. Worth every penny!

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