• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product but installation a headache if your desk is 35mm+ thick

    I'm left with mixed feelings of satisfaction and disappointment regarding this good product but an associated installation headache. Most disappointing was that, upon researching my issues, it seems other customers had already reported them to Bretford, but received no response. The issues I experienced were easily avoidable. I also reported the issue, but received no response.

    If your desk is 35mm+ thick, read on...

    The problem with this product, in my opinion, is that the supplied bolts that are too short. The bolts are approximately 45mm long, but consider that:
    - The plate that goes underneath the desk is approximately 10mm thick
    - We probably need 10mm of the bolt engaged in the main post

    The result being our desk must be < 25mm thick. My desk is 35mm thick so I was stuck! Unfortunately I had already drilled holes in my desk, otherwise I would have returned this product in principle, due to lack of interest from Bretford. "Why not buy longer bolts?" This is where the second issue arises!

    DIY shops in the UK tend to sell metric bolts, however the bolts provided appear to be an imperial thread. My engineering degree long forgotten, having been in IT for 14 years, I found it difficult to determine the exact thread making it difficult to order some longer bolts - I was also too impatient to post a bolts to a supplier for them to review and to send back longer versions. Instead I opted to use a tap and die set to cut metric threads in the other end of the main post, such that I could use longer metric bolts more easily available from local DIY shops.

    All Bretford need to do is listen to the feedback and supply longer bolts. Is that too hard to do?

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Back to the drawing board…

    Firstly, the good: it's solidly made.
    Now for the rest: It's poorly conceived, designed and executed. The first one I received was missing the desk clamp – Apple supplied a replacement eventually. Then I found that the mounting system a) requires five holes to be drilled in your desk b) the mounting screws are only designed for particularly thin desk tops and c) everything is in some quaint and parochial thread that is almost impossible to source outside the USA. When I finally did get the thing installed after a LOT of running around, I found that the height adjusters are not readily adjustable (you need an allen key and two people) and the mount rotation cannot be locked at all so that the monitors/imac rotate as soon as looked at.
    I'm pretty unimpressed with this and certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone living outside the USA. Also Bretford's tech support weren't much help in trying to source longer screws.

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