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    But but but

    Manual provided with this mount and the whole assembly process described in it is wrong. If you correctly follow the steps and you have a regular size desk - you will end up putting your display too far away. And you can't have try2 because you've already drilled five holes in your desk (and it's hard)!

    If you want to have it right - first attach "hands" to the "pole" and take some time to search for a perfect place on your desk for drilling the hole. Think how it will work. Consider the width of your display too - my display and my computer don't sit side-by side like on the picture, because the pole is too deep in the table.

    Overall it is durable and solid and very reliably engineered, 5* - but it's not great in design (if it makes any sense). Design is 2*, it basically does not follow the purpose you need the display arm in the first place, it does not give you more freedom, flexibility and easy movement of your large screen - but instead it actually wants you to have it all very much fixed and static and in one place.

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