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  1. With built-in Thunderbolt technology — the fastest, most flexible I/O ever — the new Apple Thunderbolt Display can do things other displays simply can’t. Of course, it delivers a brilliant viewing experience. But connect it to any Thunderbolt-enabled Mac and it becomes a plug-and-play hub for everything you do. Features include a high-resolution, 2560x1440 LED-backlit display, a FaceTime HD camera, high-quality audio, three USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire 800 port, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a Thunderbolt port for daisy-chaining additional high-performance devices.


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  2. The LogicSkin Final Cut Pro X keyboard cover is designed to give you all the shortcuts you need to use the new features and key commands within Final Cut Pro X.

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  3. The LogicSkin Logic Pro X Keyboard Cover is a shortcut keyboard designed for use with cutting edge Logic Pro X software on your MacBook or Apple Wireless keyboard. A welcome addition to the standard letters on a music creator's and editor's keyboard, the Logic Pro X Keyboard Cover features colours, icons and shortcut text and gives access to more than 70 key commands so you can concentrate on your music.


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