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  1. This personal weather station allows users to monitor temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 levels and more, both inside and out. It then connects via WiFi to the free Netatmo App on your iOS device – providing immediate access to the station's measurements.


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  2. Add a Rain Gauge to your Netatmo Weather Station and get alerts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch the moment it starts raining. You'll also get a precise measure of rainfall thanks to the free Weather Station app. You can easily connect one Netatmo Rain Gauge to your Netatmo Weather Station (sold separately).

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  3. Control your home heating remotely using your iPhone or iPad with the Netatmo Thermostat. Use the thermostat to change your home's temperature — whether from your bed or the other side of the world. With the ability to set a program to reflect your habits, the Auto-Adapt by Netatmo function predicts the start of the heating periods depending on your household insulation and the temperature outside. This way, you'll benefit from the right temperature at the right time.

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