can i use the philips hue bulbs outside for a porch light?

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    Hi All,
    I was pondering the investment of the Hue lights for my outdoor fixtures. Finally I gave in and installed 6 standard Hue bulbs in enclosures and 2 par 30's as sofit lights. Just as info the most distant light is about 40ft from the base station and there are no issues. They have been running for 3 months without a blip, not to mention that I live in Montreal and we have had one of the coldest winters in history. So the cold has not been a factor in the performance of the lights. Hopefully the summer heat will not affect the lights as well. Just wanted to share that I broke the rules and all has worked out perfect so far.

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  • Distance is an issue, but not from the base unit, but from another bulb. Hue uses a mesh network, so the bulbs talk to each other. I was thinking about wiring a string of them up the driveway, and so long as each was close enough to the previous one, they would all work. Could make for some amazing effects, and I'd only need power and not separate switching.

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  • The base of the bulb says "acceptable for damp areas". It also says to use in an "open" socket, as in, don't use where its enclosed. Maybe because it will get hot, or it might block the zigbee wireless connection used to control the bulb. Which brings up another consideration, the bulb can only be so far from the base unit, and exterior walls might block the signal if the distance to too great.

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