does this protect the front and back of the iphone 5s from drops

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    Does it protect the back? From drops, no. Scratches, yes.
    Does it protect the front? Yes, more than the back. It has a raised bevel.

    I had this case on my phone, and it fell from a height of about two-three feet, square on its back, onto a hardwood floor. It really wasn't a long hard fall at all, but a connector inside became partially dislodged, and only about a third of the touch screen worked. Also, the screen displayed weird lines and was distorted as a result of the fall.

    I love this case, but buyer beware, if your phone falls flat on it's back, it's likely to get damaged. Apple DID cover this for me (thankfully) under Applecare, but I can't guarantee you'll be as lucky. I have had many drops before and after that incident, and never had any other issues.

    The sides of this case are awesome, and make the case bounce like a bouncy ball when struck on it's side. Definitely does a good job dispersing the energy of a hard drop on a corner. Despite the one time it didn't save my phone, (I'm not sure what case could have) I love it.

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  • It does a pretty good job with the back, but I just got my 5S last week and bought a glass screen protector from zagg/invisibleshield. Be aware that the screen protector costs $50+ with tax but it does a great job with protecting the screen. I would recommend buying this case, but get a tempered glass screen protector from wherever because if you drop your phone face down, then hopefully the glass screen protector will crack, not the actual screen.
    Also, if you're thinking about going with invisibleshield, don't because that is the biggest scam. They claim it's military grade and that it'll protect your phone, but if you ever drop your phone with that on, your screen can still break but the invisible shield will just hold everything together. Good luck.

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  • YES, I'm sorry to say I DID drop my iphone at the airport on the hard floor and while I cringed...the phone landed on a side corner and BOUNCED. I was shocked. Phone is pristine, Im buying one for my sister now.

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  • A casual comment at the end of your statement about any other case that could protect your phone from a fall.
    The otter box will do that. The otter box is awfully bulky but if your life/job may have you dropping your phone and your tired of paying your deductable then try the otter box.
    My 5s was placed on the trunk of the car, 45 miles an hour and off she went. Saw that thing flip. fly and bounce and figured it was done for. Went back and picked her up and she was absolutely perfect. The case was really scuffed up but believe me it just ads personality.

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