What is the battery life of the 20i headphones? And is the battery replaceable (factory or user) as the battery capacity diminishes over time?

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    Friedrich, I've had mine for about two months now and have not yet experienced the rechargeable battery running out of power during extended use. I work in the Middle East and frequently fly back and forth to the US. My 20i earphones continued to deliver on 14 hour flights. The thing I love about them is that you can keep them in your ear while you sleep; the noise suppression is superior and I use them even when the music is off. Mine replaced QC15s, which were good, but uncomfortable to wear while trying to sleep on a plane. They obviously pack a lot easier than larger headphones as well.

    The USB charging cable works great from either an outlet or a laptop and you can even power them via a laptop USB while wearing them if you want. The green LED tells you when it is charging and when charged.

    From my perspective, Bose had to decide how much to limit the the size of the noise-cancelling module; I've read several reviews with people saying it is already too big. For me though it is OK, a necessity for the noise-cancelling capability. If it was designed to accommodate a AAA or other removable battery, I suspect it would then be too big.

    My 20i earphones are just perfect for me. The battery life meets all of my requirements and ease of recharging keeps the set fully charged when I need it. They are pricey, but they are Bose; you get what you pay for. The bottom line is that they work great! I hope this helps answer your question.

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  • As noted in the product info, the battery allows up to 16 hours of use.

    As for battery lifespan and replacement,

    "The expected lifespan of the battery is 500 charge cycles at 80% capacity. Should the battery fail, these are non replaceable, so service options will be made available." -Bose via Facebook, 06/30/2013

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  • admittedly dont have these but have been heavily researching because I'm thinking about it. From what I could find, the battery is not replaceable and therefore a lot of people believe that's a drawback to this product. That said, people say for 'earbuds' BOSE did a great jobt but the battery thing for some seems to be a drawback for the $$$. I do not know, nor did I find a 'useful' or expected life for the battery.

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