can the airport extreme or time capsule be placed outside

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    Yes and No. You could take it outside for temporary use, but I would not recommend leaving one setup outside. The plastic will not weather well in the sun. It isn't waterproof... or dirt proof... or sun proof... or squirrel proof...

    So, it just depends what you're needing. I'd say for a day where you need to extend your network outside, go for it; but for regular use, I would not set one up outside. I would suggest finding an outdoor router (like one from Cisco).

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  • The Airport Extreme, Airport Express, and Time Capsule are not weatherproof and therefore unsuitable for outdoor use.

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  • I have had one of my 5 Airport Time Capsules (ATCs) mounted outside, underneath our Open-Sided Cabana, inside of our Fireplace right side doors Niche, for nearly 2 years now. I live in Southern California, so it never gets below about 45 degrees, at the coldest, at night. I have it mounted on top of a small standard Middle Atlantic Electronics Rack, sitting on its side. It has WORKED GREAT, WITHOUT A SINGLE PROBLEM. The only thing left Powered ON over night is the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that Powers the entire Rack, the AT&T Telephone & the ATC. The Rack also contains an Integra Pre-Amplifier / Procesor, an Integra 5-Channel Power Amplifier & a JBL Subwoofer Power Amplifier which drive my 5.2 Channel Cabana TV System. So, I am sure that the UPS keeps the inside of the niche slightly warm over night, since it is the only Unit, along with the Telephone & ATC, powered ON over night. Even in pouring rain, the niche stays dry inside, so water is not a problem. I know that the ATC IS NOT WEATHER-PROOF or even WEATHER RESISTANT. So, I feel pretty lucky that it has worked so well, for so long, since it is outside; but, mounted in a protected, warm niche. Only 2 Wooden Doors loosely cover the front of the niche which is made of pure concrete blocks. So, I CAN RECOMMEND IT, FOR LONG TERM USE OUTSIDE, AS LONG AS IT IS MOUNTED IN A PROTECTED, DRY & WARM ENCLOSURE. During the day, if I have the entire System Powered ON, I open the 2 Doors so that it does not get too hot inside of the Niche. I do not have any active Cooling inside of the Niche. Good Luck!

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