how does one cut and paste using the trackpad?

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    Having set up the trackpad for Tap to Click (this saves having to press on the trackpad to click), double tap at the start of the text to be cut and drag to end of text, tapping once again to release the drag. (The text should now be highlighted.)

    Tap with two fingers within the highlighted area to bring up the "right click" menu.

    Move the pointer down to Cut and tap once to cut the text. (Alternatively use the spare hand to type cmd-C (⌘-C) to cut.)

    Move the cursor to where the text is to be pasted. Tap with two fingers to show the right click menu once again.

    Move the pointer to Paste and tap once to paste the text at the cursor position. (Alternatively type cmd-V (⌘-V) to paste.)

    (If the paste location is beyond the viewable area of the document, use the two-finger slide to scroll towards the desired location. Alternatively use the two-finger pinch to zoom out or the two-finger expand to zoom in to the area of text required.)

    Having found the desired destination, use the two finger slide to scroll horizontally or vertically to find the position desired.

    Instead of cutting and pasting, (this works between different applications), having highlighted the area of text to be moved, simply double tap within the highlighted area and move the cursor to the desired location. A vertical dotted line will show where the text is to be inserted and the cursor will have a small black square to indicate that it is "loaded" with the highlighted text. Tapping once will move the text to this new location.

    For a quick tutorial on Trackpad gestures, select Trackpad under System Preferences.

    Be warned, this becomes so intuitive that, when moving to a PC running Windows (wash my mouth out), one finds the lack of control so retrograde that one can become quite impatient having to go back to such antiquated methods.

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  • Mine is setup to right click on two finger touch, so two finger touch and the little menu comes up, undo, cut, paste etc. select from menu.

    I'm really a PC guy, and Mac's trackpad is indeed magic and works great.

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  • On my Macbook Pro w/ retina i have a Trackpad and basically I just highlight the word or sentence then to copy it i use "command⌘ C " to paste it i use 'command⌘ V" and to cut it i use 'command⌘ X" hope this helps I tried to make this as simple as possible. :)

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