Is this Case waterproof?

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  • I don't think it's waterproof because its still have the bottom opened so if you put it on water, the water it's still going into the phone! Of course you can still buy a iPhone 5 waterproof case and because of the iPhone 5s is the same size as the iPhone 5 it would still fit though of course I think it's a little bit harder to use the fingerprint, I THINK!

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  • No, Sorry this case is not waterproof :)

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  • This case will definitely not protect the phone while in contact with water but I wouldn't get this case wet either. It may damage the leather.

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  • No - there is no cover for the front. Also, there is no cover over the rear camera area or ring/silent switch.

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  • No. This case is not waterproof. It is a case designed to be aesthetic in appearance and not protect against drops in bodies of water. As with any case, use caution as normal.

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  • I Honestly Don't Think It's WaterProof Since I'm Sure They Would Have Made That Really Obvious.... And It Is A Leather Case...

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