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    If I could give this thing ZERO stars I would. On my first order the keyboard had bubbles in the solar panels and I thought thats why it wouldn't charge.
    After receiving the replacement keyboard from Apple I realized that this model keyboard is just trash. It wouldn't charge at all or type unless I had a flashlight on top of the solar panels.It also didn't hold a charge for more than a few hours.
    Do yourself a favor and buy something else.

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    Don't buy

    This is a horrible product, do not buy. Despite the "Solar App" saying that my keyboard is fully charged at 100%, my keyboard ONLY works when I hold it up to the light of the monitor. Kind of defeats the purpose, if you ask me. It also shipped with a huge bubble in the solar cell. I am very disappointed in the horrible quality and of course the obvious fact that it does not work at all. I just want a wireless keyboard with a number pad. I am sending this one back and getting a refund.

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    This is a deeply flawed product

    This is the wireless keyboard Apple should offer. The addition of a numeric keypad makes all the difference. Sadly, Logitech has gotten the keys right and everything else wrong. My Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, fully charged, will not stay connected to its USB interface. It works for a few minutes and then . . . nothing. It's a huge pain where one sits.

    What's more, the keyboard came with nothing but the usual legal disclaimers (in four or five languages) and no user information whatsoever. And online technical information, like how to make it work, is difficult to find a very sparse.

    If you need a fully populated keyboard, by the Apple wired one. If you can get along without the numeric keypad, buy Apple's wireless one.

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    I've already gone through two of these!

    I accidentally ordered two of these keyboards instead of just the one I needed while purchasing a bunch of equipment for my home office. I decided I'd use the second one on another machine instead of returning it. After a couple of months, the command key on the first keyboard stopped working, which basically makes the keyboard useless. I replaced this keyboard with the second one (still in the box) and it worked for the better part of a year, but now I can't get it to turn on or be recognized by the computer (and I have looked into the troubleshooting options.) I like this product when it's working, but reliability seems to be a serious concern.

    I also find the lack of a light on the caps lock key to be pretty annoying; I didn't realize how much I relied on that until it wasn't there.

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    Doesn't support TDM

    Title says all

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    Awesome product but apparently no longer supported

    I bought this product in January of this year (2014). It worked great for about two months, and then it abruptly ceased being recognized by my computer. My boyfriend tried it recently with his Mac; he was able to get it to be recognized once and then never again. It is probably better to buy the newer version of this product, the K760, which appears to have bluetooth and is likely more compatible with troubleshooting.

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