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    Limited usage

    • Written by from Bethesda

    I bought this mic after reading all the nice comments about it. It may be a good mic, but at least one thing should prevent this from getting a five-star: compatibility. It does not work on Windows. Though the manufacturer never said so and this is sold as an Apple accessory, it is after all a microphone. One could reasonably expect it to work as a microphone like the others, which you can plug onto a computer as an audio input device. As it turned out, it not that easy, especially if you desperately want it to work with your Windows computer.

    In addition, the cables are simply too short. It may be fine most of the time if you are working with mobile devices. But if you want it to work for any desktop computer which only has the USB slots at the back of the body, you'll find it very inconvenient.

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