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    Is there anything lower than 1 star?

    • Written by from Fort Worth

    I have had this drive for less than 6 months. I only bought it because it was late on a Sunday afternoon, and it's all my local Apple store had that had some protection. Almost immediately, I discovered that the connector cable was so loose that it slipped out constantly. Then the drive wouldn't read on my MacBook Pro or my Mini. I thought it was the USB ports. Wrong-o. The repair person rolled his eyes when I brought my Mini in for repair. He informed me that the LaCie was nothing but trouble. Do NOT buy this thing. You will regret it.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst Connecters In The Market

    • Written by from Regina

    I have owned this drive for 2 years now. It handles all the bumps and occasional drops I give it as promised.

    However this drive doesn't stay connected worth a darn. I originally used firewire using the supplied cable and a longer one. One side or the other would just fall out....constantly. I decided to try the USB 3 side and experience has been worse. Sitting on a table and just typing will cause the drive to disconnect and worse not fall out. Worse because you don't know what side to wiggle to get it going. Worst yet is it takes the drive 20 seconds or so to connect so you don't know if you have it plugged in again or not.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Rugged piece of @$!#@

    • Written by from baltimore

    Several months after use, I finally dropped this drive. I bought it precisely for that purpose, accidental drops, since I have kids. Only thing, the drive dropped less than two feet onto a soft carpet, pulling out the cable in the process. This jammed the head onto the platter and completely erased all 995.50GB of data!!! I just backed up everything for the final time and was ready to store the drive. I dealt with customer service , which was insensitive to my problem, as the drive did not perform as advertised. I actually allowed me a one-time permission to open to drive without voiding my warranty. I'm an industrial designer and have saved a drive or two in my day, so I carefully opened the drive, and confirmed that the head had been jammed due to the fall. I successfully released the head and was able to read data until I used disk utility, which erased the data. So, soft was that fall, so easily all my data was lost. THIS DRIVE IS STRONG AS EGGSHELLS, don't let the pretty color and rubber boot fool you.Its poorly made of plastic and thin aluminum. Its a SAMSUNG drive and the interior warns the consumer "Do not drop"! False advertising I'd say, and a weak warranty.I'd like my money back thank you. Learn from this... Data recovery can reach the thousands, so back up your data by other means!

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    Doesn't work

    • Written by from Klamath Falls

    Used approximately six times and then the unit failed. It may be the cable, it may be the USB plug, it may be the unit. Nonetheless, it doesn't work. The hard drive may be rugged but if information isn't stored ruggedness doesn't matter.

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    Dropped once from knee height and stopped working

    • Written by from Clymer

    Not so rugged...ive dropped others without this issue...backup backup backup

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    1TB has troubles with iMac

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I bought the 1TB version to go with my new 27" iMac.
    All kinds of weird crashes & glitches ensued.
    I've been using the 500GB version without any trouble.
    I think its too late to return it so I'm stuck with a lemon i guess.

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