• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Loved the case, until the color faded...

    • Written by from San diego

    I really like this case. Good grip, good protection without being too bulky. However after a couple of months the bright colorful blue had faded to an inky sea green. I tried cleaning it but that didn't help. It sounds like this is a common problem from other reviews. Not sure if they all fade/discolor or if it's luck of the draw. I currently have a clear/white iphone 6 tech 21 case and it has also faded/discolored. I'm going to give them one more try because I really do like the case and the colors but if they all discolor like this it's going to be a deal breaker. I showed my current one to a friend and said it used to be clear and he remarked "wow that was clear? It looks like it's a greyish green"

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad Fit

    • Written by from Camarillo

    The case looks very good. I have gotten many complements about it. It is not too slippery and feels good in the hand.
    The one bad thing about the case is the fit. The one I have is very loose in the upper right hand corner. It will pull off of that corner when taking my iPhone 5 out of my pocket. This in turn results in the top of the case coming loose.
    Unsure if I got a bad case that did not cool correctly after it was molded, but cannot risk my iPhone 5 coming out of the case.
    I will be returning the case.

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