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    Make Life Easy

    • Written by from Rockaway Park

    I am a long time Mac user and tech. I love the way the office package along with the Keynotes package work together. When someone send me some doc's that was created using word most times I have no problem opening it with page on my Mac. There are times when some people lock the doc's and I need the office package to open the doc's. My work can keep moving without running around trying to find out why and what I need to open a file. Thank you for working together Apple and Microsoft to fix this problem.

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    Solid Performance on Foundational Software

    • Written by from Pompano Beach

    I've been using Office for Mac for over 10 years as my go-to word processing, email, spreadsheet, and presentation software. MS Word is the de facto standard everywhere and whether your document is going to be read in Baltimore or Beijing, folks at the other end are going to be able to open it.

    Outlook is everything I want out of an email package: powerful, easy to use, and great at filing emails in lots of folders and subfolders. It can be slightly buggy at the margins, but this may be due to my having 20gb+ of mail stored. My guess is that Outlook won't be available as a standalone product for much longer; Microsoft is pushing Outlook 365 and other cloud products that will have you paying subscriber fees into your retirement. That's not for me and I like owning the software outright and on my computer, available whether I'm connected to the internet or not.

    Excel is perfect for me as a non-power user - it gets the job done and has many more features than I can use. And PowerPoint is the also a standard everywhere; putting together presentations is a breeze and there is never an issue about someone on the other end being able to open your file. That's important if you give a lot of lectures or classes like I do.

    Microsoft Office is nothing exciting: Just solid nuts-and-bolts software that get the job done.

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    I really love the way Office 2011 for Home and Business has simplified and sped up my work processes! This is truly a gift! I picked mine up from Designertechsoftware.com. I picked up an easy download and to date my work processes have been smooth and easy!

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    Outstanding Program.

    • Written by from Houston

    I have used both the Mac Version and the PC version while going through school. The Mac version has different features then the PC version. For example in the Word program for the Mac you have the "notebook view" were you can take notes and record the lecture at the same time. You can't do that in the PC version so the Mac version has special features that other PC systems does not have. This is a great package to get for school and other projects.

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