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    Great Case

    I've been using this armband for over 2 years now. The simple clip on the iPod case is the greatest thing ever. I can easily change a song that I don't want to hear during a run or a gym session vs. removing the whole armband or twisting my arm to do so.

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    Uninformed People

    I felt the need to write a review although I do not have this product, because two out of 4 of the reviews are seriously misinformed. This is an armband for the i POD, not the i PHONE, so that would be why it does not fit your phone. If you read the description it is pretty clear that it is made for the i POD. People who are saying that it does not fit are just people who ordered the wrong product. It is not an apple tech problem, just their own failure to read.

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    2 in 1

    I wanted a case for every day use, as well as for working out. This case protects the iTouch, and detaches from the armband if needed. It's exactly what I needed.

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