• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not staying on track :-(

    • Written by from VICTORIA

    I got the anki Drive and I was impress with the quality of the packaging and recharge station. I install everything. It was ok for 6-7 minutes, after that the cars wouldn't stay on the track. The next time I've try to use them, one of the car was not recognize by the app rending Anki Drive unusable. I used it once more, the cars were finally recognized, but they would not stay on track. Very very disappointed.

    (It was also hard to manage to have the app on the ipad (it finally work, alot easier with the Iphone). In order to do it: Know that you won't find an app ANKI DRIVE for Ipad, but you can transfer your iphone app on the ipad and it works.)

    But I had to return this product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    My son loves it and the customer service has been outstanding.

    • Written by from Greer

    We bought this as a Christmas gift and my son loves it. Anki customer service alerted us to a potential problem before we even opened the gift on Christmas Morning. They took steps that really surprised me to make sure my sons Christmas was awesome.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Control issues

    • Written by from Marysville

    Every step was followed to the letter in initial setup and I also consider myself a very tech savoy individual in the troubleshooting aspect. I've seen a few reviews stating that their cars just keep spinning and leaving the track, this is exactly the problem we are having. We were so excited to receive and play this game and have essentially "parked" it because we can't figure out how to play for more than a minute without things going crazy. I will be sending back if I can not find a solution on a forum soon. Track clean, wheels clean, track flat, cars charged and everything still goes haywire?

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Cars are great. Game play software is bad.

    • Written by from Paonia

    If Anki improves the software this could be a great game, but in it's current incarnation, it's half-baked. Read on! Review based on 20 hours playing.

    Okay, the cars whiz around the track with amazing intelligence. That part is great. Shooting and disabling the enemy (i.e. wife and daughter) is great. HOWEVER, the game concept is stupid. The designers got stuck in the "power up and attain magical abilities" video game paradigm. They've confused the racing game with Super Mario Brothers. Here's the theory behind their game play: as you play and win, you get points. You can trade the points in for upgrades to your cars. These upgrades include powerful armor (that makes you harder to kill), stronger weapons to counter armor, and the ability to do U turns and sudden stops. I've got to admit the U turns and stops are cool.

    Apparently the marketing theory is that serious gamers will buy the cars, upgrade as much as possible, and then compete with each other. I can imagine a 12-year-old boy rubbing his palms together in glee, chortling "I now have the neutron bomb upgrade. I can take out anyone!" But what kind of fun is it when you can cream the competition and the game isn't fair?

    So what's the problem? The software designers got carried away with cool features (i.e. the upgrade system) and forgot about game play. The problem is that you can't remove "fixed" special weapons from the cars, and you can't remove armor. For example, to start, we had three cars, two whose special "fixed" weapons are tractor beams, and the third whose special weapon is a shield. The tractor beam slows down the car in front so you have a better chance of shooting it. The shield lets you take a lot of hits without being disabled. It quickly became clear that whoever had the shielded car had a huge advantage over the 2 cars with tractor beams. You could basically shoot the shielded car forever without disabling it. As you can imagine, this caused some bad feelings!

    The obvious problem to the upgrade model is that 1) someone gets more points, 2) they upgrade, 3) this gives them a big advantage so they get still more points, and 4) they win more games get more points, upgrade more, etc. So they basically run away from the competition and become unbeatable. For example, our sneaky daughter, after racking up thousands of points, upgraded her armor a lot, making her car almost unkillable at the weapon levels of the other cars. The weaker cars had to use the dubious strategy of running around the track as fast as possible like small terrified rodents.

    So this isn't really a family game, or even a game for friends, because you can't level the playing field. Anki should develop software that allows the players to reset the cars to defaults, where everyone is even. Or better yet, allow adding and removing weapons and armor without the stupid point system. (I know the programmers put a huge amount of thought and skill into developing the point system, but that doesn't negate the fact that it makes the game play terrible.) If you could equip a car with whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, it would be easy to level the playing field. For example, you could assign handicaps to better players by giving more abilities or weapons to poorer players (like poor old dad, who, after all, foots the bill). It would be fun to play a game in which one person said, "I want to play this game with no shields, a powerful weapons, and the ability to stop dead." And another player says, I'm going for powerful shields and the ability to U turn." It's sad that such a potentially awesome game is crippled by the myopia of the developers.

    They did just release a software upgrade that does allow removing some upgrades. But the critical special weapons and armor is still not removable. I'll upgrade this review if they do a significant upgrade of the software.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Belvedere Tiburon

    Many people including myself are having serious technical problems with Anki. The main issue is that the cars spontaneously begin spinning like tops on the track and then often shoot off the track and need to be physically picked up and put back on. The company continues to tell multiple people mentioning this problem in the forums that they should clean their tracks/cars. From firsthand experience this does not appear to be a problem with the track but rather seems to be some sort of issue related to the software or sensors on the cars. Our Anki Drive has only been used twice because every time we try to play we end up having to replace cars on the track every 10 seconds or so. Obviously, this makes the game pretty much unplayable. Very cool concept but, so far, not well executed. I recommend that prospective buyers stay away until the company clarifies what is wrong and offers an actual solution.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    How about the kitchen table!

    • Written by from Broken Arrow

    WOW! Our kids from age 6 to 26 LOVE this game. It is so easy to learn. I fell in love with it after watching the Apple Keynote presentation this summer.

    Today we put it up on the kitchen table. Lots less dog hair collecting on the wheels now.

    We are ready for more cars and move fun!!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from rockledge

    I want to start with the people that gives bad review to this item: Get a life. First you trash and criticize the good reviews, then the item. Be tolerante, We accept your review, but WE DO NOT AGREE WITH IT.

    The product is amazing, I had been playing with my 14 years old son every day. VERY original!!!

    Also the customer service is GREAT!, I had an issue with one of the cars and they fix it right away!! I will buy anything this company will offer in the future.

    I have the starting kit plus 2 extra cars. FUN GAME! 100% FUN!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent with a lot of potential

    • Written by from Dallas

    I already had a positive customer support experience with Anki so I can check off that box. The game was easy to set up. Worked perfectly the first time. The racing mat attracts dust/hair or anything else in the air. I found myself paranoid and trying to wipe the mat a good bit. The game is very fun indeed. Can't way to add another car. The cars do spin out quite a bit and if they run off the track you need to clean the wheels before putting them back on. That is distracting and is almost like a timeout and takes out some of the excitement momentarily. All in all a very fun game with improvements to be made and potential neat ideas for future use. Packaging was excellent but too much. They could save themselves money and still be Apple-esq. I would highly recommend this for adults or kids. Great innovative product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic family fun! Very well executed!!

    • Written by from Germantown

    Got this for my 5 year old for christmas. He loves race cars and since the time I showed him Anki on the web, he craved for it dearly and even wrote a letter to Santa requesting it — I had no choice but to go in for the splurge, with a lot of reservation about the cost firstly and also about the age appropriateness.

    The kit comes in a sturdy box that you will not throw away, as it serves as an optimum storage case for the cars and mat when not in play. The cars charge quickly (~8 min) on their respective cool looking charging pods (yes, no batteries!). When you are ready, just roll the mat out and launch the Anki drive app and you are ready to go! It is quite magical that there is no messing around with wifi set ups or bluetooth pairing — everything just works!

    And my 5 yr old loves the experience, and has figured out a lot of things himself, like keeping tabs on how many more upgrade points he might need to get his next 'weapon' and such. As for the game play, the cars put on quite a show! It is cool to watch or jump in an play.

    Currently the game play only supports a 'battle' mode with the AI or human opponent. Can't wait for the 'race' mode to be released, getting which should be as easy as any other app update. Even as such, it provides a frustration free and awesome experience and therefore, highly recommended!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it all but the price!

    • Written by

    Awesome product, easy to set up. Follow the tutorial on the app you down load and then you are ready to play. My 7 year old uses his mini iPad and loves it. Now we just have to start earning points and getting up grades. It's a little pricey, maybe a lower price would get more to buy and better feedback of issues or to spread the word on this product. I think this is the new future of gaming and hope it keeps developing. The bad thing for the consumer is you have to have at least one expensive apple product to control it and then the starter pack $200 and then another $140 for the other 2 cars. Apple has billions and should lower the price some to get this out and going and I believe it will take off with maybe some advertising???? Just waiting for upgrades and more products and tracks etc! Just hope the price comes down!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    this is an awesome product!!!!!

    • Written by from Mill Valley

    I bought this for my 13 year old for Christmas and we all ended up playing with it. I've never seen him so engaged. We were laughing that we had never seen him clean anything before (voluntarily) but he carefully dusted down the track after each session. And his friends loved it too. They forgot all about xbox and playstation. It's brilliant that you can earn points to improve the cars, and play against a car driven by 'artificial intelligence.' He's already trying to figure out how you get access to the add on car that can only be purchased by achieving a certain level. It's like it was created by the mind of a 13 year old gamer on steroids. Fantastic toy for kids and adults!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Orange Park

    I purchased the Anki Drive for my husband, age 50, for Christmas. It's unbelievable and exceeds all expectations.
    With all due respect for the reviewer that said Anki was "boring" after a few minutes, I would guess this reviewer was someone watching and not participating This is in no way boring! The cars move so fast and have so many weapons on them, participants have no time to get bored. i do not play or enjoy video games or racing (even Nascar bores me) but Anki Drive is addictive! On the "easy" settings, the cars will allow you to win races. That's kind of fun and you earn points that you then redeem to "purchase" car upgrades (no additional money required for this). Each car seems to have different upgrade potentials making each car very unique. (My first upgrade made "my" car super fast and my husband's more like an armored vehicle so it's hard to take out) We can race/battle against each other or against the car itself. My husband immediately purchased an additional car to expand the fun!
    On 'moderate" settings, the cars are out to get you and it's amazing! I read the cars scan the track 500 times per second. I can't even imagine getting to the advanced setting! Having said that, in the 'easy' mode, any small child or senior citizen can play. If they can hold an iphone/ipad, they are playing. The cars run the race on their own so even a 2 year old could "participate" in the race. AWESOME FUN! I highly recommend getting one!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Totally awesome and great customer support

    • Written by from Apple Valley

    Super fun!!! This is the new age of of reality app games meets slot car racing. My 5 and 7 year old were playing and having fun in minutes. Customer care was watching my order and realized it may not get here before Christmas and shipped a second starter kit overnight just to make sure it would. I had an issue with one of the first cars. Emailed support and got a call within minutes. They sent out a new car super quick plus a bonus. This has been a great purchase and I couldn't imagine better service/support.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Creswell

    People were laughing when they found out my dad got these for us "kids." At 25 & 27, this is one of the coolest presents we've received!! They have been a blast and are just incredible! We've had friends and family over for the past few days and EVERYONE has thoroughly enjoyed playing with our new toys. The cars drive amazingly smooth, even on carpet. One of the best things about this product is that the car abilities can easily be upgraded as the company grows and improves their already amazing software. VERY happy with their entire line :)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Addictive!

    • Written by from Buckeye

    This was a hit at Christmas. All ages were engaged. The older adults could not believe that the young family members were able to play a game that looked so advanced. I heard comments like "I feel like I am at a ride at Disney World". If you can afford to, I highly suggest you get all 4 vehicles.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Family Fun

    • Written by from Fort Mill

    I got this for my family what a great company and what great fun already many hours spent trying to gain the most weapons Would recommend for young kids my 7 year olds love it my 14 year old will play all night

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Modern Slot Cars

    • Written by from Ladera Ranch

    Got this for Christmas from my wife. All I can say is - AMAZING. My 5 year old son and I have yet to put it down. We are having so much fun playing and challenging each other. The technology of the cars and track are amazing too and make for a wonderful game play that is very addicting. I would recommend this to anyone one.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Fort Saskatchewan

    Best game ever. Period. For those giving this one star because it's "boring" go back to wasting time in front of your playstation or whatever. This game takes the best of both worlds and creates an augmented reality experience that has, in my opinion, yet to be surpassed. The controls are easy to figure out, and as long as you keep the mats and tires clean the cars don't tend to spin out much. Having said that, they're not supercomputers, so one has to expect a couple of hiccups. I found these to be relatively minor and they add a bit of humor to the game. The mat rolls up for easy storage and even the box looks good! This game is a must for anyone who likes to try new things and has an imagination!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A genuinely new experience in gaming & interactivity

    • Written by from Stanford

    Having played video games for some 30 years, I have been thrilled by the "video game in the real world" experience offered by Anki Drive. By being able to perceive and control physical cars on a real track, this game offers more challenges, depth and nuances that I've been able to experience on a computer/console game. The differences in car characteristics call for a variety of strategies that are different for each vehicle - there is a lot more fun, replayability and depth than meets the casual eye. Needless to say, my kids are also riveted.

    All in all an immensely exciting and genuinely fresh new experience in gaming and interactivity.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Major disappointment

    • Written by

    Game concept and the look are really cool cost is higher for the quality of play (or lack there of). I can not believe that folks on here are giving this game 5 stars. What destroys this from being a great game, is your cars constantly are running off the track. You are lucky if you can make it 2 laps with out them running out of bounds. All you hear from your phone is "please return car to the track".

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