• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Should have bought a store where I could return

    • Written by from Decatur

    Bought pen soley for capturing lecture and note taking in an intermediate accounting class. While in class, pen and tablet are charged, pen/tablet led are red - indicate recording. Get home and try to listen to lecture, but Livescribe app gives me an error. "An error occured while attempting to open this pencast" WHAT!!!!! This is the 3rd time. Tablet notes are in green- which mean recorded.

    I have noticed that after two months of lecture and notetaking that the app is slow and sometimes unresponsive. Yes, I have enough memory on my iPad.

    Spent $200+ on the whole livescribe setup only to be falsely led. I need my class lecture recorded. What I should have done was dowloaded for FREE a recording app and saved the $200+.

    Livescribe do you know who frustrating and highly irritating this is? To find out that I have missed out on over 4 hours of lectures - lost time. I spent the money and was dependent upon this and expected more. To find out that once I get home that I can't listen to the lecture, but while in class the pen/tablet both show that lecture was recorded.

    Should have bought pen somewhere I could return it so I could get my money back. Do not buy at a campus bookstore.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    OCR has bugs; No sync across devices

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Recently purchased this on 27 September and tried it out over a few days. First, the optical character recognition has a bug. Meaning if you write something in your notebook, it may pick it up as nonsense. So when you search for notes, nothing pops up. I wrote in print and found myself retyping all of the notes. Mind you that my handwriting is actually kinda good. So the effort that goes into making this thing useful is huge.

    Second, if you load your notes into an iPAD and make changes and tag sections, your hard work will not sync with other apple devices. I was hoping I could use this for client meetings, make quick changes on my iPhone and sync to my iPAD later once I return to the office. Negative on all fronts. Not only would I have to retype my notes because of poor OCR, I would have to make all my changes on a single device and lug around my iPad everywhere. This device is not ready for prime time.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a useful product - read this and be warned

    • Written by from Rockville

    I have relied on this technology for the last 5 years and my older pen died, so I jumped on this during a business trip. What a mistake - It actually seems that livescribe is trying to fail as a company. My rating is negative 5 stars.
    The latest Livescribe pen is a waste of effort and money. There is little value in having a "picture" of your notes sync with evernote and your IOS devices. The power comes in being able to search, organize and share your notes with others. To do this efficiently, you need a desktop app and MyScript (a piece of middleware to convert your scrawl into ASCII) this only syncs with an ios 7 app.
    What you see is not what you get on the electronic page - the margins are off and your notes are broken up into snippets that are hard to combine (actually, its nearly impossible on a ipad) PLUS - additional notes you make later aren't in the same place, they become another snippet and did I mention how hard it is to combine them? At the very least, notes NEED to be organizable on a page by page basis.
    Also, the notes to text conversion is substandard and trying to make propoer edits on you ipad is frustrating, time consuming and error prone.
    bottom line - I tetsted use of use and found it much easier to take notes, scan them and use OCR software to digitize them into ASCII.
    It is also easier to use an app on your iPad and a cheap stylus to take notes and have them recognized as text, synced with evernote, iCloud, outlook, word, etc. etc. Everything about this pen is a frustration - even if they PAID you to use it, it is worthless.
    Everything about this pen is a step back from useability. If they would only provide a desktop app as used by all the other pens, this would be useable. Frankly, I bought a new echo pen (2 pens back) but I am experimenting with notes straight to the ipad with a scribe as well. I will likely use the echo...but...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't work as advertising suggests

    • Written by from Little Neck

    I purchased this product for use with Evernote (after all they even included a 1 year free subscription to Evernote) but to my surprise, there is no integration available. Very disappointing.

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