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    works great but you have to be diligent about using it

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    Ive had the Livescribe 3 since Jan 2014. I use if for work as well as school. It is the best way to take notes for an iPad. I never found any app that allowed you accurately and quickly write , transcribe and store notes. This does it.
    A few things or bits of info

    you CAN print extra paper. But its better you just buy it. our $10,000 copier at work still can't print the paper so i gave up

    It works. It is really amazing how you write on the paper and voila! it transposes it to your iPad. then you 'swipe' and it converts it to text.
    The 'pen cast' is great. Good for those long meetings or classes .

    You have to be diligent about using this. I have some nice pens.. but decided to stick with this. Which means it is your only work pen. buy a few spare inks too.

    You can sync and archive your books. easy to store and keep track of.

    Evernote... the jury is out on this. Ive been trying to like evernote, but its too clunky. I find Evernote a rainbow of information thrown against a wall.. Put another way Evernote does too much and if you don't use it i wouldn't bother.

    Would like the pen to link to OneNote. Most businesses have MS products so would be nice to have this feature.

    The bottom line? great for taking notes, storing things and archiving. I hope the product lasts and gets some more $$ thrown at it. If the adoption rate rises then this will certainly help the cause!

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