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    I have had my Zepp swing analyzer since Feb. 2014. I have found it to be extremely accurate and reliable. I have instructed hitting for over 20 years and no two swings are the same. I was particularly impressed that the when viewing Zepp's results, each players swings are recognizable. The analyzer also offers superior swing history and sharing. I would and do recommend this product to anyone who has invested in a bat. The bat speed feedback,swing history and the Zepp Swing Lab readings are invaluable tools for myself as well as my athletes. Zepp has proven to be determined to continue improving the product & app at no additional cost. The directions are clear and the sensor connects effortlessly. The readouts are precise and easy to understand. My players & customers have also found the tool very useful. After getting comfortable with the sensor, I've found even more ways to use it's readouts.

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    Nice to know the facts

    I play Sr softball and I own five bats.

    It's hard to know which one is really the best.

    I bought the Zepp baseball analyzer from the Apple store and grabbed my five bats, about 40 balls and hit each bat eight times off a tee.

    The data was clear that the bat speed on two of the bats was significantly higher than the other three. Today I grabbed the bat with the most bat speed and went 5-5 with solid hits.

    There are other factors it measures. However, knowing two bats were significantly different in bat speed using technology merged with my IPhone was very helpful!

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