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    Very poor documentation

    I can't honestly report on the functionality of the unit at this time because I haven't spent a great deal of time using it. The issue I have is with the supporting documentation on Zepp's web support page. The user manual is incomplete and lacking in detail about how to use the various functions of the unit. You are required to individually download at least 20 or so user instructions for the respective functions. Oddly some of these instructions were missing the images. It is obvious to me that there wasn't a lot if effort/thought put into providing user friendly instructions. I expected much more from an Apple affiliated company.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very disappointing !

    Beautiful and stylish packing. First surprise, there is no user manual. You need to download a PDF version, which I found very poor, with almost no explanation and low quality pictures. Finally, a set up the application on my iPhone, set up my clubs (very limited club data base), and after several intents I was able to turn on the gadget and sync with my iPhone. For some reason, it didn't turn on at the beginning and I had to try a dozen times before it finally did and started working. Next day, I run to the driving range with the Zepp fully charged, but I couldn't turn it on, It was dead. Very, very disappointing! I'll go back to Apple store tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'll change it and give it a second chance or simply get my money back.

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