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    Better than the rest....BUT! (3.5 Stars)

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    General Review:

    I bought this about 2 days ago, and got it yesterday. First off, lets get down to the good.
    With the release of iOS 7, Apple has finally made supporting controllers easier for developers, so we are likely going to see this type of technology sticking around. The controller does what a controller should do. It's responsive, has it's own rechargeable battery via a micro USB port, two nice analog sticks, a d-pad, 4 buttons (A,B,X and Y), 4 triggers at the back of the controller and a pause button. It also has an LED indicator as to how much battery you have left.

    Now for the bad...It's horribly designed. As in, it feels like it's from the dollar store. It's light, full plastics, and honestly doesn't seem extremely durable. This is the main reason for my rating. If it had some decent weight to it, and at least felt like a controller and not a toy, I would rate this 4.5 stars.

    Personal Experiences:

    The controller feels okay in my hands. People with big hands may have trouble using it as it is very small. The main issue is it's weight, it honestly is way too light for my preferences. But then again it is meant to be portable which I do understand. The placement of the analog sticks, d-pad and buttons are great. My hands can easily reach them. My only issue is the triggers. Now I may have gotten a defective product and plan to go to an Apple store soon to check, but the triggers seem to be less responsive...it's kinda strange. But again this may just be a defective product.


    So far I've played GTA: San Andreas and Asphalt 8. By far GTA has the best implementation for the controller. I can literally play on my iPad Mini as if I were playing a real console. On the other hand while Asphalt 8 does have some implementation, you can only control the actual driving, but not the menus with the controller. However both games are great with a controller and have a completely different feel to them.

    Worth it?

    For 60$, maybe, but not for 80$ or 100$. If you want a controller experience and you were waiting for the "right one", then you should buy it now while it's at a promotion price of 80$. If you were just looking at this as a toy, or something you would only seldom use, I would suggest waiting until they fix some of this aesthetic issues.

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