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    Do Not Buy

    I have also had issues with the 8610. If you don't use it for several days, it goes to sleep and you have to power up/down. The HP software does not load or run. Thank goodness the apple software fills the gap. The AirPrint just stopped working a few weeks in and I can't get it going again.

    I'm ready to return this printer.

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    The Worst

    I have had nothing but trouble with this piece of equipment and an 8620 that is very similar. It works fine when it works. Most of the performance problems come from HP's own programming.

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    HP Printer

    I have had HP printers for years and this is by far the worst printer. HP continues to add junk to the software at the risk of complicating everything else. Good-by HP.

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    do not buy this printer

    I installed this printer under the direction of an Apple Advisor (very helpful). I downloaded and updated to newest drivers. It worked on all but one device for about a month. Then it began to give me a message that says, "looking for printer" and "the printer is not connected". However, it is connected to my wifi and gives a system report that says all is well.

    I did some cursory research and found that this issue is experienced by both Windows and Mac Users. Why can't apple make a printer? I'd pay a little more just to know that I don't have to go through this annoyance. Ever try HP customers support? It's very different from what you get from Apple!


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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Review of HP 8610 printer.

    I would give this printer no stars. After six months, the printer will not print the first one-half inch to three quarters of text or a picture. I have spent over four hours with HP technicians to resolve this problem with no results. It was a BAD buy!

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