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    Great Promise, but Adidas does not delivery on the Promise

    • Written by from Covina

    From the commercials and the video promotions of this product, you think you are going to get a high-tech device that actually tracks the balls path and gives valuable information about your kicks.
    The ball and app have several defects. The first is that you are not getting an actual view of the path your ball took. It is just an extrapolated graph. Quite frankly, all the parabolas displayed look identical and without reference points ( such as distance markers or height markers) the graphs are meaningless. For example, the computation does not even capture the "bend" on free-kick.
    The ball speed measurements also seem off, and not consistent. I have not scientifically calculated this, but very different kicks give sometimes very similar results.
    The video feature is cool, but it does not work with the path graphic. That seemed like an easy and logical feature to add to the app.
    A very important flaw in the app is that you cannot set up different players. So for a coach trying to keep track of his players' progress, he can't keep the record on the app. That seemed like an obvious and easy feature to add.
    A major problem is that it does not work with Ipads 2 (I had to buy an Ipad 3 just to use it), and it does not work with any other smart phone.
    So if you want to spend $300 to know the speed of your kick, and have an approximation of where on the ball you are kicking the ball, this tool will work for you. Other than that, you are not getting any additional information. The ads and the video campaign sure looks cool and makes you want to buy the product, and the technology is already here to achieve that, but it is not inside this ball.
    On the positive side, the ball is very realistic in feel and weight and of good quality, and the charging station is pretty nice.

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