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    Honest Review

    I bought my MacBook Pro in the beginning of 2015. I've had it for two years. With my experiences, the only complaint I have is that the little plastic tabs to wrap the cord around broke. I am very gentle and easy with my equipment. That shouldn't have broken although, it HAS been two years.. I mean wear and tear does exist, right? The charger cord is getting a little bulged up as well. I can't lie about that. I do think overall, this is a very good charger. It DOES get hot, but again I think that's normal. Thank you apple, for always manufacturing high end products.

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    Not the best, but not terrible.

    I've had the same charger for my Macbook Pro 15 inch for 5 years now, and I'm just now having to buy a new one because it's making strange sounds when I plug it in. 5 years isn't great, but I think it's pretty good considering how much I toted that thing around during college.

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    I don't understand the problems

    I have had my 15" Macbook Pro for more than 3 years, and my original charger is still working perfectly. I disconnect the charger from the computer carefully, not by jerking on the wire, but I'm not doing anything special, just using reasonable care with the cord and connector. The only reason I checked 4 stars rather than 5, is that the cord should be replaceable without replacing the entire power supply. That is possible even with many cheap Windows laptop chargers.

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    I guess I should feel lucky!

    My first Macbook was a 2006 Black Macbook which I really loved I never had an issue with the adaptor and only had to replace the battery once prior to getting my new Macbook Pro in 2011. My power cord lasted for 3 years. I did have to wrap it with electrical tape for about the last 3 months. I just replaced it, and am hoping it last until I decide to upgrade in a couple years. I'm giving it 4 stars instead of the 3 rating I was initially going to rate it at after reading many of the negative post. I just feel that by comparison my adaptor lasted a very long time.

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    Almost made it 4 years

    I'm fairly tough on my power cable, also my dog usually manages to trip over it and pull it off a few times a week. My original cable that came with the computer finally met it's end just shy of 4 years old. After about 2 years old my cable started to fray at the plug which worried me, but I found some heat shrink tubing to put over it for a band aid which worked for almost 2 years. Sure the cables are somewhat weak, but I've ruined a lot more power cables and power jacks that were on other brand laptops for sure, and those required opening up the laptop to solder the power jack and buying many new cords. I'll take a MagSafe over traditional male/female style any day.

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    Follow the Instructions people!!

    Most of these comments are accurate to a degree. My first cable frayed after about a year. I had to replace the entire power adapter and stumbled upon some important details in the new packaging. Your cord will last longer if you follow the detailed directions in how to care of it. I have wrapped it accordingly and a year later my adapter is perfect. Another tip is to ditch the little adapter connection that comes with the MacBook Pro and use the longer power cord option. This step alone will eliminate the increased tension on the adapter altogether. Most never use this cable, but I use it all the time. I would have given them 5 stars but the concept of having a frayed cable shouldn't exist when you’re paying $1800 for a freakin laptop. Come on Apple, get you head out of your.......

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    Had it for over 2 years and still in perfect shape.

    As I'm looking for a similar product I noticed all the bad reviews on this charger.

    I have had this charger that came with my late 2011 MacBook Pro and an extra one I purchased.

    Both are still in perfect condition if you don't count a little dirt on the cable itself. I have yet to see any fraying or damage to either of my charging cables. And here is the Kicker. I used this while onboard 2 naval ships during my deployments overseas. Now I use them for work and school and still have yet to understand as to why it has such low ratings.

    I then realized that I took care of my cables as well as my MBP. I can say with certainty that the reason I don't have frayed or damaged cables is because I don't expect them to be invulnerable.

    For those who want an honest opinion from someone who treats his devices and accessories well, here it goes.

    The cables work well. I can interchange the devices I charge, including my MBP, iPad 2nd gen., iPhone 4S, 5S, and other USB charging devices like bluetooth and wireless gaming headset.

    One of the only down sides to this charger is how hot it can get, While it doesn't affect charging, it sometimes concerns me that the internal components may damage. So far it works like day one out of the box.

    Second, the charging cable (from converter to MBP) feels as though any it could shear easily if not careful. With that being said, I've had many sailors step on it with naval boots over non skid surfaces with minimal damage.

    Lastly, an annoyance at most, is the shape it takes after unraveling of the cable from it's stowing prongs.

    Once again... in my opinion, if people are complaining about how fragile and easily damaged this product is, then I blame it on them for negligence.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Great Quality

    Unlike many of the other reviewers, I am just now having to replace my power adapter after having it and my MBP for four years. I generally treat my tech products very well, so perhaps that's why I haven't had the same issues as others.
    Unfortunately things wear out, but if you treat your equipment well, you can prolong its life.

    I think that it is admirable that Apple has switched from using PVC as an insulator to a less environmentally-harmful product.

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    has worked well for me

    I've had my MBP for almost three years. I've used the charger in a pretty average way during this time and it just now beginning to have issues with charging.
    Just a counter point to all these "max life of 6 month" reviews.

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    No problems but

    I've had my Mac Book Pro for almost 3 yrs with no problems with the cords but my dog went crazy & stepped on the plug , tweaking it in the jack. It still works but it I take it out, I'll never get it back in. I found out that it comes in two pieces. I wish Apple would sell the plug part separately.

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    Got mine working again! Try this before buying another

    My charger light went out so I came here to buy another and saw all the complaints. Mine is older than 3 years, no issues whatsoever. Charger block was very hot so I unplugged it from the wall and disengaged it from the charger cord. When it cooled down I reassembled it and plugged it into another outlet and viola! green/orange light! I guess it just overheated? Just saying, try this first! and good luck~

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    Decent charger

    My only concern in the charger cord where it meets the connector that links to the computer is turning green. I'm not sure if that means I should get a new one or not. Besides that it's been working fine for many years.

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    does what its supposed to do

    i dont know why people complain about the power adapter fraying or tearing. if you take care of it (wrap it correctly) then you wont have a problem. been using mine for about a year and no tears or anything of the sort. i mean, its a power cord. wrap it up right and youll be fine. the only problem i have is the price. $80 for a power adapter is a little steep but it is apple. 4 oout of 5 for that, otherwise it does what its meant to do.

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    No idea why so many people complain

    I've used a half-dozen chargers over the last several years and since the MagSafe 2 came out, I've not had a problem with fraying. If you take even a reasonable amount of care in handling the charger and cable you shouldn't have any problems. I plug and unplug my cable on a daily basis and move it to/from work. With MagSafe 2 I've never had any issues.

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    2 and half years now

    Bought my 15 inch mac book pro about 2 years ago. July 2010 to be exact. About a month ago I noticed the rubber molding on the cable had split open revealing the cable within. I promptly taped it up and it continues to work a charm. I am quite careful with my products but am a pretty heavy user so it may be a bit inevitable. I lug the thing around the house all the time as well. I use it every day for around 4-5 hours, sometimes more. I hook it up to my LCD tv and/or computer screen for gaming and watching movies, for music, youtube videos, etc. so it definitely is a bit worn the poor thing. However, given how thin the magnetic end of the cable is it's lasted well this far. The massive adapter bit in the middle had a meltdown earlier today. It got overheated and started to smell and shut down. I left it alone for about 40 minutes and came back, it had cooled down and was working perfect again! It may stop working soon but I pray that is not the case. I don't mind replacing it for $80 if it does. My macbook pro serves me well and I have no complaints!

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    So far so good

    Compared to my old Powerbook 4G the MBP 2010 i bought is worlds apart and the power cord is much better. I didn't have the old mag power cord so i can't compare but it did look funny with all white plugging into an aluminum body. Have heard of the cord breaking and fraying at the mag. So far it hasn't but i can see where it might, which is why i try to keep it as straight as possible. Depending on how I have it set the cord can get in the way when you move it. If wall is in front of you the cord is away from you, if its behind you it can get a little awkward if you decide to move, but being reversible is an advantage. Im sure there will be improvements in the future, maybe by that time i'll buy another macbook.

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    New style Magsafe plug DOES work with 2008 Macbook Pro 4,1

    There seems to be confusion whether this adapter works with the older MacBook Pros. I have a 2008 MacBook Pro 4,1 that came with the old style T-shaped plug and found that this new style adapter works just fine. I will say that with my big fingers the new style plug isn't quite as easy to snap into place as the older plug (hence my 4 out of 5 star rating), which may account for the problems others have had with it. Once, the magnet grips the power receptacle however, the coupling is solid.

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    Perfectly fine

    I've been using the same charger for years - never had a problem. One at home, one at work. The $80 price tag seems reasonable enough. I'm not at all sure what everyone is complaining about.

    Having been involved in a few power-chord smashes I love the MagSafe. Would love it if it had a coil-up feature, like the old Powerbooks, but no biggie.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    FULLY compatible with late 2008 (last non-unibody) macBook Pro

    My last power cord finally gave out, and this adapter is covered under AppleCare. My advice to everyone buying a Mac is definitely to get the three year, extended warranty. It rests a lot closer to the MacBook than my old one, which is better since it's harder to accidentally disconnect it. I am speedy satisfied with it.

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    Use the Clip to Reduce Tension on the Adapter

    First, my suggestion, then a short story. You'll find a tiny clip on the narrow AC cable. As I read the stories here, it occurred to me that the clip must be there for some reason. Voila! It's there to take the strain off the cord as it enters the adapter.

    So...to keep your expensive adapter from fraying, wrap the cord one or two times around the pop-up flanges of the adapter, making sure the cable is loose--not tight--at the junction of cable and adapter. Then use the clip on the second or third wound part of the cord. This takes pressure off the part of the cord that normally frays.

    The 85W "MagSafe Power Adapter" I purchased today comes with an extra thick AC cord but no one mentions it. Even the picture on the Apple box only shows the power adapter--not the extra AC cord in the box.

    Using the 6 foot AC cord lets you wrap more of the thin MagSafe wire around the adapter, reducing more stress off the cord as it enters the adapter. While it's convenient to carry the portable adapter with you, the AC cord is much safer and secure. (End of suggestion. Now my story.)

    I have a 2006 MacBook Pro whose Magsafe cord started fraying near the adapter. Not wanting to pay Apple $79 for a power "adapter," plus I needed a battery too, I ended up buying two batteries and two Magsafe adapters online. Sellers, including Amazon, claimed a 60W adapter powers a 15 inch MBP. It doesn't and won't charge the battery.

    So I wasted two months without my MBP thinking that the non OEM batteries I bought were the problem, not the 60W adapter.

    Today a guy at a Mac repair store fixed my problem in five minutes by using an 85W adaptor. Now, I have four batterie and one 60W and one 85W adapter.

    Final thought about portable consumer power cables. Manufacturers could make AC cords twice as thick, making them last until the next Ice Age. But would anyone want thick, heavy power cables for their mobile phone or laptop? Probably not.

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