• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    After all your research, you still got it wrong.

    These 'earpods' sound like $2.00 headphones. They are painful to wear and they do not fit well.. You are wasting your money building them. These need to be a more traditional style earphone with a rubber or preferably foam tip. The drivers only push out vocals and treble. I may not be a sound engineer but I sure could design a better set of headphones than this. I guess to expect a quality headset to come with an $800 iPhone 5 is too much to ask isn't it?

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    Hurt after only 1 hr use.

    Thought they looked like they'd fit better than the old style. They appear to for most users. However, after a weeks use at about an hour per day, I'd have to say they are the most ill fitting and painful earbuds I have ever owned. After the first day I assumed perhaps I needed to get used to them. This gradual use has only made matters worse. Now I cannot even wear my old earbuds. I've given them to my daughter with a warning. Hopefully she can wear them.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    They hurt your ears and never stay in. The sounds isn't good either. I expect more from Apple. I have a lot of apple devices but I'm not happy with these at all.

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    Good god please make better earphones.

    When I heard that Apple had put so much work into these, I couldn't believe it: an earphone that was designed to fit wonderfully into everyone's ear. It's a good thing that I didn't believe it, because these can't stay in my ears. The first time I tried them was in a plane, and the ambient shaking from the plane caused them to fall out constantly. My next experience was sitting on a floor, using them with my laptop. This worked much better, provided I didn't tilt or move my head at all; the sound quality was good for an earbud, and frankly what I'd expect from a higher-quality product like this. In that respect, they are not terrible. But the unibody, uncustomizable shape is abhorrent; this is like a store selling a single size of pants. I tried but Apple won't let me give their product zero stars.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Break down.

    In the last year I have had 3 pairs where one of the ears does not work!!!

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    Not worth it if they won't stay in your ears!

    It's hard for me to fathom how anybody could possibly use these earbuds. I tried using these for about a week and could never get them to stay in my ears for any longer than a couple of seconds. What good is great sound if you can't get the earbuds to stay in?

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    It work well with iPhone5, but not iPhone4

    This EarPods works great with iPhone5. But when I tried it on my iPhone4, it doesn't work at all, and the music sounds very blur. I cannot figure out what is happening there.

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    Sadly, a very very poor design

    The problem is not the audio quality but the fit. The Apple video, and its shill, claim that Apple worked on the tough problem of designing pods that fit all ears. Sorry. They will not stay in my ears more than about 15 seconds, no matter the adjustment or pulling on the pinna to lodge them better. (I do think my ears are normal, and I'm certainly not a Vulcan.) Once loose in the outer ear it does not matter how good the sound quality.

    Considering that these are used far more often than the much-maligned iOS6 maps, which works fine for me by the way, the EarPods strike me as a much worse Apple disaster.

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    Left ear not working?

    These headphones were ok for $30 until about 2 weeks later, my left ear started to die down. I was able to fix it for a short amount of time and then it TOTALLY WENT DOWN. You guys MUST fix this because from Apple, this is NOT acceptable.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Very disappointed, these headphones do not fit well in ipad4.

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    Doesn't fit in the iPad and the volume/mic doesn't work! Very disappointed!

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    Extremely dissappointed

    These earpods fall out of my ears every 5 seconds. It is extremely frustrating as I am riding the train and walking down the street, as I have to push them back in constantly before they fall out completely. I feel like I look like a fool doing so. They sound great, but only when they are pushed all the way in and as soon as they begin to loosen they get quieter and quieter until I shove them back in to the correct spot. I am so angry and frustrated with these headphones and I wish my old apple headphones hadn't broken as I would have much rather stuck with them.

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    Didin't like

    I hated these new earphones, they are too big and don`t fit as well as the other one did. Too bad Apple don't sell the old one anymore.

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    Volume Rocker and Start/Stop works only sometimes....

    So I have done an extreme amount of research and have not found any info as to why these earbuds just stop working... Its extremely frustrarting. The only thinig I have found to work is to plug it into the wall charger or computer, hit play, unplug the headphones, turn up the volume on the side, then plug the headphones back in and THEN it will work again. Let me just tell you right now. I should not have to do all this with an expensive top quality product such as this. Disappointed to say the least...

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    I'm sticking with Skull Candy

    This is NOT an improvement over your previous hideous earbuds. They slip out of my ears and are uncomfortable. In your quest to keep the look "clean", you forgot two things:

    1) COMFORT

    I cannot multitask while wearing these because they keep slipping out of my ears and hurt because I keep trying to shove them in deeper to keep them from coming out. Why can't you just make headphones that actually stay put and are comfortable. Also, because they don't have the rubber, the outside noise becomes a distraction. People put rubber on earbuds for a reason, you know.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    earbuds are horrible!!!

    I've only had the iphone 5 for about 23 days and hardly ever use the earbuds, then today they started crackling and the volume on the in-line mic won't work!! I mean I've kept these things in a zipper pouch for God's sake!!! I thought these were supposed to be "SO MUCH BETTER"--RIGHT.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Cheap fell and cheap sound for the price we pay for iPhones itouch
    Apple needs to get better in this area or lower the price so we can buy better headphones
    Just my 2cents

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    False Advertising

    The sound quality is not enough to make me like these. They don't fit my ears. They are painful and won't stay in. I'm only walking around campus and they fall out. They need to be reshaped. They advertised that these would fit ears better because they weren't shaped like circles because ears aren't shaped like circles. I don't know what kind of shape this is supposed to be but no normal persons ears are shaped like this.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Im really surprised!!!

    I don't know why customers are enjoying this headsets and talk positive about it!!. Yes i agree , it has a nice smart shape, but its useless !!. It fall from my ear once i decided to do any simple move!!. Its very slippery!!. Actually the older ones were far more practical than the new ones. If they added a rubbery cover on the head of the each , it might be more stable in the ear canal !! The solution might be that simple!!.
    Very disappointed and i can say that Apple need to spend more time in working on better headsets for their devices!.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Quality and Painful

    These headphones are by far the worst I have ever owned. First, the sound quality is very poor. Due to the offset speakers, music sounds echoed when played through them. Second, they are painful to wear. I have never had any problem with headphones fitting and being comfortable in my ears before I got these. Within a week of using these, i had sores in my ears and their edge had actually cut the inside of my ear. Overall, Apple EarPods would be better put to use as torture devices than being sold as headphones.

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