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    One star is too much

    I would give a zero if I could. I'm very surprised Apple hasn't reinvented these yet, especially with new lighting connector style and wireless version coming out. These are a very poor fit for all ears. Without some type of foam or rubber to hold them in place, they dislodge and fall out. If you "jam" them in your ear, they stay in place if you are perfectly still and are very uncomfortable. The moment you move, they dislodge. If you set them in the crook of your ear without pushing them in, the sound quality is not as good and they fall out even easier. I have a desk job and am constantly manipulating these to put them back in my ears. No wonder a bunch of folks have come up with attachments to hold them in your ear. Hmm... That may be the Apple goal... Create a separate market for the modification of their cruddy earpods.

    I'm in the market for better earbuds... any recommendations anyone?

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    Earbud fit

    Hate these! I liked the old version better that comes with comfort and different size additions for fit and comfort. These are not beneficial for people with smaller ears and hurt!

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    Always stops working after 2 months of use.

    They always stop working in at least one earbud after 2 months. My dad swears up and down that Apple is the best so he only allows for me to purchase their products. I usually have to call them and let them know I'm having problems. And what they say I should do never helps.

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    Total Failure

    The left EarPod never really worked, apart from the occasional vibrations and sharp, crass screeches! Totally disappointed! Would have rated no stars if that was an option!

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    Break easily

    Only bought my last pair in Janurary and they are already broke. I've actually lost count of how many sets I've went through.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I would never pay money to get a replacement for them

    I just opened them out of the box not even ten minutes ago, and I already have to twist them in order to bring the sound back. They immediately started cutting out. Honestly, my old headphones that I got 3 years ago with my HTC m7 still work amazing and have never given me any problems. So I would gladly buy those again (if I had to pick between the two). Save yourself the money and literally get any pair of headphones from Wal-Mart/Target/etc. once your headphones die. I feel like Apple headphones used to be a lot better back in the day, but recently the quality has changed. Or that's how it feels to me.

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    Wiring problem - sound cuts out intermittently

    I read the reviews of this product, both good and bad, and decided to give it a try. I was very disappointed to find that the cord has a defective connection at the plug-in connector so that the sound cuts out intermittently. This was right out of the box. I expect better quality control when buying Apple products.

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    The worst earphones I've ever used

    They're very uncomfortable to use and they fall out constantly.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Truly garbage quality. The sound is fine, but the wiring is so touchy. I've gone through 2 pairs in the last month (4 pairs in the last 6) from faulty wiring and it's so irritating. I only use my headphones during my commute to work and while I'm at the gym so I'm not asking for much. But my pair that I got 2 weeks ago went out in one of the speakers today and I've had enough. I will never recommend these to anyone and I will never purchase these headphones again. Really really disappointed in this product.

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    I do not recommend

    Bought a pair of these and these are the worst earphones in the market! First off, they are incredibly painful after 20 minutes. These things fit elephants!! The sound quality is terrible for EDM songs, there is no bass and it sounds like muddled noise. Overall, it is horrible sound quality for any song. And when I moved my head, it shocked me! And I didn't do anything, but the left side stopped working! Do not buy these!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I don't EVER write reviews for anything but for this I had to. These headphones ALWAYS seem to irritate my ears, very uncomfortable. The previous headphones were so much better. Please bring back the previous version of the Apple headphones. Only got one star because they are functional other than that worst headphones EVER.

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    Don't buy these!!!

    Whilst I like the sound quality and fit of these earphones, they break far too easily! I have purchased 3 pairs in the past couple of months and they've all been faulty. The most recent pair stopped working after 2 weeks as one side of the earpods stopped working altogether, I take good care of earphones and the company are at fault. Will not be giving apple another chance with these as they are not worth the price they are asking for whatsoever ($45 in Australia). Very disappointing considering Apples "high quality" reputation. DONT BUY THESE!!!

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    Apple EarPods

    These EarPods absolutely stink, I've owned 3 pairs and they've all broken on me within a month, definitely not worth $30.

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    All wrong

    I own a pair of the "ear pods" and I think there some of the cheapest feeling uncomfortable ear buds on the market. You can buy some gummys that feel 100x better. Oh and the sound quality is low-fi and no where close to HiFi which people try to describe them. I was very dissatisfied and disappointed.

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    Simply don't work

    I bought these because I value Apple products and design, but right out of the box they did not work. The inline volume adjuster did not work at all. So I went thru the process of returning them and receiving a replacement pair, which worked the first 2 times I used them, then stopped working. Are they too delicate to be touched? I can still use them without the inline function, and sound quality is good, but I would not recommend these EarPods.

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    Both broke almost immediately

    I got two pairs so that I could have one as a backup. The first pair broke within a month, but I shrugged it off - I mean, stuff breaks, right? Well, the second pair didn't even make it to the end of the second day. I bet dollar store earbuds would've lasted longer than that! So hopefully I can find another brand that'll last longer. It's a pity, because these were comfortable and sounded great, but I am NOT going to keep buying a new pair every two days!!!

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    Too fragile for the use case

    On my third pair now as the first two have both failed - the first had the right channel stop working, on the second I was getting occasional small shocks. Really unhappy.

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    Shock to the ear

    Ouch!! Happened twice. Too afraid to use again.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I hope it will not damage my ears permanently

    This is the second pair of ear pods that i bought in same year.
    Every time I use them it gives an acute spike in my ears! Like a spike of electricism or something.
    I have no idea what it is, but it REALLY hurts.
    Not only disappointed, but very frustrated for both the discomfort and pain and the bad customer service.

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    Mic not working

    I'm not gonna say anything about the earpods. My concern is the mic. When I was making phone calls while using the earpods, the other end always complained to me that they could not hear me! I thought the mic worked. When I tested it out myself using voice record, I found I could barely hear my voice!! I have no idea how I can make this mic work. This is no damage to the earpods nor the mic. I assume the earpods' mic just doesn't work.

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