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    I've had the iPad, iPad Air, and now iPad Air 2 as well as most of the phones including the first iPhone, now have iPhone6. Love the product but with my iPad air2 my charger gets so hot I can't leave it overnight just in case it causes my home to burn. This is really not a good advertisement to buy Apple goods also my iPad air2 itself gets very hot. Why is this Apple? I get apprehensive when my iPad gets hot so switch it off. Shouldn't have to do this. It seems as though this is not just my problem but a general one. What is Apple doing about it? Are they in denial? Hope it doesn't turn out like the hover stuff.

    Never happened with the previous Apple pads and phones. Only rated it 3 stars because of the heating problems I am having, product itself is really good to use.

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    100% Battery "Accessory Not Supported" ??

    so ever since i started using this charger, every time that it hits 100% charged a message pops up saying "This Accessory May Not Be Supported" .. ?? why does it say that ?? is that bad. well anyways, besides that it's a great charger. i love it. but if i had a complaint, that would be the only one. i'm still confused about it.

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    iPhone 6 adapter

    I'm worried about my iPhone 6 adapter. The adapter get extremely hot to touch and u have to fiddle with it to start charging it . Think this could be fire hazard. Gonna take to Apple store to show them in morning. Love this phone just won't do ios8

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