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    LoJack DID NOT work for me!!!

    After stupidly leaving my 4-month-old MacBook Pro 13.3 on an airplane I felt confident that I would either receive my recovered laptop or $1,000 compensation. I filed a police report as required and supposedly the investigation ensued. Due to fine print (lost/stolen outside the U.S.) I was not eligible for the compensation, and just had to hope that they could track down my property. In the few days following the event, the lucky new owner logged into the internet using my computer and LoJack was able to trace it: the laptop was still in Amsterdam. This, however, is where the search seemed to end. Apparently they needed more than those few log-ins, the associated IP address, and a police report to actually retrieve the laptop. The next step I was told was just to wait for more internet usage and hope that the thief would type some personal information into a website.
    So either the new owner of my laptop has not logged in to the internet since January 31, 2010 (4 1/2 months ago as I'm writing this), or the hard drive has been replaced and I will probably never see it again.
    Bottom Line: You're probably covered if you don't travel internationally with your computer and your thief isn't tech-savvy.

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