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    letter to mac

    • Written by from berkeley

    Mac, You usually make life so easy!!!, this is a total pain, can't you just get it together with sony to get the files to work, so you don't have to add this plug in nonsense!... You have to dig all over the internet to figure this out and it opens perfect on my friends PC with windows.......COME on!!!!

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    Compatibility issues of cameras/digital still/mpeg movieVX

    • Written by from Kelowna

    It has taken me weeks to find the right information to know that I even needed to buy MPEG 2. The technical support of the store where I bought both my iMac and Sony Cybershot DSC-H7 had no answers for me on why I couldn't make my MPEGMovie compatible with iMovie. Finally after a lot searching I found MPEG Streamclip (freeware) that will do the conversions as long as I have the MPEG-2 Playback. I call this poor planning on the part of both Sony and iMac. Sony and other PC compatible cameras seem to think they can push an iMac or Apple user over to a PC. What they don't accept is that Apple computers are the best in the world. It disappoints me that Apple doesn't work with the camera industry,no matter who, to create an interface software specifically for iMacs/Apples that would guarantee a seamless operation with all cameras. Maybe in the future. I love my iMac and I love my Sony. I just don't like having my time wasted.

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    Works with QT, but not with iMovie...

    • Written by from Basel

    Even though this software works as described for QT I'm very disappointed: I only bought it because I wanted to process my old mpeg-2 files with iMovie. There was (maybe still is, but I can't find it anymore) a support message indicating that iMovie can process mpeg-2 when Quicktime is enabled with this option. Unfortunately this is not true. Even though QT now recognizes and plays these files correctly, iMovie remains to be useless. Even if I misunderstood the support message: Shame on Apple to leave their customers (who want to process their old movies and payed lots of money for hardware and software) standing in the rain like this! It doesn't fit to the marketing messages about "user friendly" and "multi media capable" at all, and the licensing fee Apple would have to pay to enable it's software for mpeg-2 is nothing compared to what customers pay just to find out or work around it!

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    using MPEG files on a Mac

    • Written by from Kitchener

    It is totally unexpected and disappointing to have to figure out how to view standard video formats, namely MPEG files on a Mac. I should simply be able to import mpeg videos from my camera without having to worry, or wonder what's the technical stuff about formats, and certainly I should not have to buy anything. Macs are supposed to focus on a simplified user experience and this is too technical for me. Is the file from my Sony Handycam MPEG-2, or 4 or what? Isn't MPEG a video standard, i.e. something compatible between all vendors who follow the standard? How should I know, and why should I care about this? I hope this is going to change. For now I am stuck... Thanks for helping with a free and simple solution...

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    Quicktime 6 MPEG-2 playback component

    • Written by from Sunbury

    Works well for me! I bought this software and it works as advertized. I have no issues with sound as others have indicated. Most of the issues involve Sony and their version of MPEG 2 ( I use a JVC camcorder). I also upgraded to Quicktime Pro and can now export video with sound to almost any format I want. Its great when you purchase something and it works!

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    No Audio - I Call This Cheating

    • Written by from Jamaica

    Absolute waste of money for a product sponsored by Apple. I trusted always apple recommended sw but am very disappointed by spending 54 dollars and getting nothing. it plays mpg2 but no Audio THANKS. may I understand any use of a product without audio! why would one buy at the first place!!! very disappointed and should get my money back!

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    Know your specs before you buy

    • Written by from AUSTIN

    The component works fine. It does EXACTLY what the information says it will do and nothing else. I see a lot of complaints about this product. Most of them folks who are not reading the requirements of the component and are unfamiliar with their own computer set up. Be an informed buyer, Apple does not guide your hand for everything.

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    • Written by from San Diego

    Yes, it's ridiculous you need to buy this product in the first place, but that's beside the point.
    It's true that this product does not provide audio for your MPEG-2 clips, but once you download MPEG Streamclip video converter it works perfectly fine!

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    • Written by from Calgary

    Apple has a lot of good products, but I am soooooooooo disappointed with their inability to add this with Quicktime. I have a Sony Handycam and needless to say, I too cannot view my videos without this plug-in for Quicktime. This is a waste of money and there are other programs out there that are free which do this....so disappointing!!!

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    This was ridiculous

    • Written by from Mesa

    I have spent the last 5 hours trying to figure out how to import the stupid .mod files from my JVC hard drive camcorder into iMovie. The aforementioned steps worked like a charm. Download the MPEG-2 software from Apple, ($20 might I add...don't get me started on this) and the free MPEG software add-on and you are good to go. 5 hours of my life Ill never get back, oh well. At least it works now.

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    waste of time

    • Written by from london

    unbelievable : Apple spend millions boasting that their products are the best for multimedia, yet dont include functionality to play back one of the most popular multimedia formats ever. Even more depressingly gobsmacking that the expensive solution they offer to fix a problem (that shouldnt exist in the first place) doesnt even work...lack of audio support in this 'product' renders it useless for many mpeg2 files. Perhaps Apple believe we should pay for the privilege of them returning us to the age of silent movies?

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    Works - but 20$

    • Written by from Lehi

    This download along with MPEG Streamclip allows me to view my videos from my Canon FS200, that's the good news. I don't see why we have to pay another 20 bucks for something that should be available in QuickTime in the first place.

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    Software is marginal at best!

    • Written by

    I purchased this software to review and run MPEG 2 files in my Final Cut Express Editing program and I am finding that the converted files look junky and overly interlaced. My cursor (pointer arrow) also flickers and goes crazy when the MPEG2 file are playing in the browser window. I do not recommend this software and think Apple needs to get on board with the Universal Video format platform instead of nickel and dimeing mac users for additional codec and and converting software to make macs more versatile in the video format world. We already pay enough to own and work on Macs!!!

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    A two step process

    • Written by from West Lafayette

    I was looking to edit video from my PVR350 video card that I use with mythtv. After installing the codec, I was then able to open and playback the mpeg-2 files but when I converted them to a different format, the audio was missing. I then downloaded Streamclip from the Apple site and used this app to convert my video files. I finally got what I was looking for. I wish the application was included with the codec or at least made mention to it. Working great now and is comparable with MPlayer -- good job Apple!

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    Doesn't Work, No Refund

    • Written by from Kansas City

    I have an iMac on SnowLeopard with all updates. I just want to be able to play mpg files using AC3 audio encoding in QT 10. Video plays fine, all is well in other players like Toast and VLC, but only video plays in QT 10, no audio. I figured I'd give it a shot for 20 bucks but there's no recourse since downloaded software is nonrefundable. It's 2011 Apple; I want all my stuff to play in iPhoto, which uses QT and cannot be configured to use another player, regardless of your opinions of different av encoding mechanisms. If it works in VLC and Toast, QT should support it, period.

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    Returned it because it didn't play sound.

    • Written by from Rexburg

    After downloading this product I played a MPEG-2 video but the sound did not work. I went to an apple store to figure out what the problem was. I told a genius and he said, "Oh yeah, that strips all the sound." That would have been nice to know. So don't expect to get sound out of this. It is only a viewer.

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    No sound

    • Written by from Westcott

    Now I can see the video from my Sony Handycam, but can hear nothing!

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    It works, but shouldn't be necessary.

    • Written by from Edwards

    I bought a Sony Handycam and ran into the same problem as everyone here: no sound on playback. That's how I got to this site.

    Here's my take on it..

    For those just reading this, your problem is not your camera, it's the format it records with (MPEG-2). This is a PC movie format. To view your movies with a mac, you will have to change the movie format to a format readable with quicktime or download the above software. Now read on for further info...

    Yes, this software will get you viewing your MPEG-2, but without sounds! Who wants to do that? MPEG Streamclip Converter 1.8 (you can download this free at www.squared5.com) will convert your MPEG-2 to QuickTime format so that it can be used in iMovie and QuickTime, all with sound.

    I had already purchased QuickTime MPEG-2 playback, so I'm not sure if you can use Streamclip 1.8 without it, my guess is that you can.

    All said, you shouldn't have to download extra software to do this sort of stuff. Apple continues to mock PC's for thier superior media versatility - this is far from versatile; it's nothing but a pain in my butt and elicits flashbacks of using a PC. "Let me calculate the time it took me to figure all this out so I could make movies on iMovie with my Handycam?" Back at'cha Apple. Better fix this blunder fast.

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    No sound

    • Written by from Irvine

    The video worked fine but without sound. this is very bad.

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    No warning about limited audio playback

    • Written by from OCALA

    I'm a new MAC Pro owner. After spending in excess of $4K on a system I find that the Quicktime software doesn't support MPEG-2. I play the same movie with no problem for free on my 1 year old PC. Then I buy this software only to find out that it still doesn't play the audio. I'm afraid to ask how to fix that. There should be a warning before accepting the $20. If Quicktime on the PC can handle it why can't Apple.

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