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    Worth the Price, And does what is promised

    The Quicktime MPeg-2 add-on is essential for editing or playing muxed DVD streams or demuxed (elementary) streams on a mac using Quicktime Player 7, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and MpegStreamclip. It does NOT handle ac3 audio,
    for that you would need either Perian or the AC2 Codec ( google either to find).

    But if your elementary streams contain PCM or MP3 audio, it will handle
    those files no problem.

    This is my first recommendation when it comes to editing DVDs you made on the mac,
    but don't have access to the original footage. You need to pull a clip off
    that dvd you made for Grandma to send to Uncle Joe, you'll need this.

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    Other reviews are bad

    Other reviewers are poorly informed. The MPEG-2 component is necessary not because of Apple, but because the MPEG group required Apple to license it in years past. Since they had to pay this cost is rolled along to you. MPEG is also not technically designed to be edited so if you're bringing MPEG to into Final Cut you're doing it wrong to begin with. About the Lion comments, the functionality is built into Lion so you no longer need this product, Apple no longer charges you for MPEG functionality, I don't know why people are dinging them for it. If you need to install QuickTime 7 on Lion and need the Component, you can use the installed from Squared5 to install this.

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    Thank you for the reviews!

    I was able to learn that the key is having 'MPEG-2 Playback' ($20.00 from APPLE) plus 'MPEG STREAMCLIP' (FREE, off of APPLE Support site) together as the solution. Working for me fine now. But it does seem ridiculous that the MPEG-2 Playback Component would have NO sound! Very shady Apple! Apple may not be there for us, but thank goodness for this awesome community of users.

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    Useless without better audio support

    This is kind of useless with such poor audio support. NONE of my MPEG-2 videos from many sources has audio under OS X. If I were to re-encode the files, I could just re-encode them in a different format and avoid the need for the codec. Thank goodness I can dual-boot to Windows so I can watch my videos -- with a FREE codec. This was a waste of money.

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    Read Description BEFORE You Buy

    I have had this for a long time and is essential when you start authoring DVDs and MP2 content. To those complaining about it "not playing audio". First read the product description. It tells you plainly it will not read certain audio muxed in the mpg. 2nd if you are complaining you probably know nothing about mpg encoding. This product does exactly what it says.

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    Not worth $20

    There's a 4 GB limit on the size of MPEG2 Files. This isn't disclosed. You only find out about it after you've paid and tried a file 4 GB or larger. Tech article 304656 from Nov 2006 mentions it. But no solutions.

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    Should have listened!!!

    I should have listened to the reviews and not apple store! No audio is coming through the playback. Buyer beware!!!

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    No sound. Not useful.

    Hi all, I'm from Singapore. I went ahead and bought the codec only to find out that the Quicktime player plays MPEG2 (from my Sony HDD handycam) without sound like what the rest mentioned. Furthermore, iDVD can't work with MPEG2 even with the codec installed. Sure, converting might be a solution, but then, I have 60GB of video data (came back from a 2 week trip)! Not practical. I guess I have to buy Nero for windows. Sigh.

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    The Half-Useful Plug-In

    QuickTime has SERIOUS issues with coping with images from contemporary high-end consumer camcorders.

    It does not like the new MPEG formats found on such lines as Sony and JVC [Note: I know from personal experience.]

    I purchased this plug-in in order to view my Sony DCR-SR100 movies. Without it I could even begin to see them.

    However, WITH this plug-in, whereas I can see the movies from my $1000 camcorder, THERE IS NO AUDIO!

    I think it is imperitive that the Product Manager for QuickTime get off the mark and come up to the current millenium. If Sony and JVC, no slackers in the camcorder industry, are using formats that Apple is not willing to recognize, it does Apple no good to ignore those formats.

    I'd even be willing to pay for QT Pro if IT would allow for video AND audio import from my camcorder.

    As it is now, this plug-in is pretty much a waste of money.

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    Wasted $20

    It would be nice if they had a safer more visible warning that the codec doesn't install on OS Lion. Fast $20 flushed down the toilet.

    By the way, I cannot play MPEG-2 multiplexed content ".mpg" files in quicktime, iMovie or Final Cut. HUH??? MPG is like the most common compression method used on the planet!

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    No audio

    Should have read the reviews... come on Apple! You're better than this.

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    No Sound

    I downloaded the file and played a MPEG-2 movie, got sound for a small portion of the video and totally silent for the rest. Serious product defect.

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    Waste of $20

    i bought and downloaded this product. it allows you to uploaded videos to your iTunes library but it will not allow you to synchronize videos to your iPod

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    I would have to agree with most of the other reviews here. This software allowed me to view, but not hear. I was able to finally get everything I wanted from MPEG Streamclip FOR FREE, which is sad since I am such a die hard Mac fan, but this time, I am really disappointed.

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    The playback component will not load on my new macbook pro

    I spent hours trying to figure out how to get this to install, it keeps telling me I need a different version of the OS. I have read all the details & it says it should work. "very confused & disappointed"

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    So I researched my problem, installed this $20 fix and it worked perfectly. You need to read what it will play closely before you purchase. I wish this was a part of the Apple package, but it is what it is and I'm happy I can now watch my movies.

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    There is no audio so I have to use mpeg streamclip and thats a pain! I wish apple would make this component free like it should have been in the first place and be able to play audio

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    My PC gets sound. Quicktime does not.

    This is garbage. I can play the file on my PC with sound. First Quicktime doesn't play the file at all. Then I buy this and get no sound. I'm not sure what the codec is all about, but frankly my PC beats out my Mac for playing videos....for FREE! Isn't that the whole reason I started switching to Mac in the first place!!!!!!

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    It works

    I purchased a Sony HD camcorder for my husband last year, but it was impossible for him to import videos into iMovie or anything else on his PowerBook. Now that he has this, he's able to convert the MPEG-2 format videos from the camcorder into iMovie 6 .mov files and share them with far-flung family.

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    Don't waste your money

    This did the conversion but the quality is awful and completely unusable. The images are feathered out. Not worth a penny, much less $20 bucks. I am VERY disappointed in Apple at this point since this isn't some crazy download I got off of an internet search.

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