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    Beggars belief

    It beggars belief that, after spending the best part of £1000 ($2000) on a Mac that Apple want another $20 off me so I can do all the wonderful whizzy things that the adverts told me Macs are so great at and PCs are rubbish. Well, Apple, Windows Media Player manages my MPEG-2 files fine out of the box, so why can't Apple? Oh, and, really, I want to playback and edit AVCHD, that is, a format that has been around less than 10 years, but no chance...

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    Best Import ??

    After reading these reviews i can import and watch my video in Quicktime Pro 7, but the sound is missing. So i installed Streamclip 1.8 thinking it was a plug-in for Quicktime... But no, you have to run the footage in the program Streamclip and then save it. (correct me if im wrong) My question is; How and in what format should i save it in, to obtain the highest quality in both sound and picture ??

    The fact that Quicktime Pro isn't able to show, decode, the MPG2 format, is just ridiculous. It can't be that hard to throw in a 600 kb plug-in - C'mon !!!

    Anyway, thanks for all the great reviews, without them i probably would have hung myself, before figuring out how to import and watch all my extremly poor and boring video footage...


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    Sony Handicam Vs Mac ?????

    I saw all review, since i use Sony handycam also, i but this software, and down load mpeg stream clip...... STIILL NO SOUND !! ,

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    I don't know why this exists

    I'm running Mac OS X and downloaded this thinking that it would somehow playback an MPEG-2 Video, Linear PCM, Timecode file, but all it did was cost $20. The files still won't play and I am going to have to buy a pro video converter to do the job.

    I think you should pull this out of the store, it obviously has no purpose.

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    Handy for importing, not needed for viewing

    If you need to import MPEG-2 video into Quicktime, this codec works great. But if you just want to view MPEG-2 video, there are better free solutions out there, including VLC and MPlayerOSX.

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    Great Video, NO audio

    I too should have read through the reviews prior to purchasing! Lesson learned!

    New Mac user with several hundred .mpg videos. So, what are my options here?

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    Why no audio?

    I've bought and downloaded this product. It plays the video component of my stored .mpg files but there's no audio at all. Essentially, a waste of time and money.

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    No Audio with files from Premiere Elements

    I'm new to Mac and bought this to try and play .mpg files I had created using Premiere Elements on a PC. Video is fine but no audio at all - very very disappointing, not what I expected from the Mac experience!.

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    Need More Software!

    This playback component works well. One of the lower comments says that to use your digital media in Quicktime and iMovie you would only need to get Streamclip 1.8 but the problem is that you do have to buy this product for Streamclip to work! Buy it if you want to edit your films or burn a dvd but if you are just wanting to watch your film on a bigger screen then just hook it up to a tv!

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    No Complaints

    When used with mpeg streamclip I was able to view and edit (in iMovie HD) all of my video I had taken with my Sony Handycam DVD505. The two (this product and mpeg streamclip) worked absolutely fine, and had no detrimental effects on the quality and ease of access/modification of my clips when used in conjunction.

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    no sound

    just did not support ac3 sound and mpg sound ;what a disappointment ....

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    Doesn't work for EyeTV recordings

    I bought this thinking I could use it to play the TV shows I record using EyeTV after extracting the mpeg 2 file (using Show Package Contents) in Finder. Quicktime won't play it - just shows a black screen. VLC will play it though.

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    Why is this not included in QT Pro?

    Like most of the people on this thread, I needed to convert some older VHS tapes to digital video. So.. the most efficient method would be, have it converted to a DVD. (Then I'd do some clever editing in QT and imovie!) So, paid to have that conversion done (hey, it's digital right?) I was told no copy protection for consumer DVD transfer etc. So to me, this is such a no-brainer type of consumer desire conversion that I just assumed that QT pro would handle it... step two, purchased QT pro, well, it's not so pro after all. Shame on Apple to charge another bit and nickel and dime me for this basic consumer function (that still does not even work for audio according to the reviews)!!!. I've used Macs since the days of 40mb hard drives for mostly MIDI back then and work mostly with audio now. My thought... if you're going to tout this "it just works" line, then come through, and stop with the flashy media spiel. Disappointed. Might as well go PC.

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    sound is not an issue after second try

    I have a JVC and work on MOD files. Mpeg-2 playback and streamclip saved my day. This component allows you to view file in streamclip. Then, you export the file to quicktime or which ever you like. Regarding to the sound issue, make sure you select mpeg-4 AAC and not uncompressed by default. I was able to get sound for the second try. Play around with it, everything works for me now!

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    It does not work !!!

    I installed the component on my MacBookPro with 10.6.4 OS X and Quick Time 10.0 (114) and it simply DOES NOT WORK! I can't play any mpeg2 files. The main reason was to play files from the JVC GY HM 100 camcorder. I tried various "flavors" of mpeg 2 but I always get the message that QT cannot play it and needs additional software. If it at least said what software! Was this component not meant to solve exactly that??? This is very disappointing!

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    No Sound

    Come on apple. This is really bad. my MPG video's dont play any sound. I feel like i've been robbed. Is it that difficult to get a group of computer engineers to fix this and actually a software for MPG that is actually worth the money?
    I know windows is one thing and apple is way better but come on I just switched to apple and I only want to get my old video's from my old pc. those are recorded memories and know i cant hear them. Please apple. DO SOMETHING.

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    Very Upset

    Got a file MPEG and thought that MPEG 2 would open and play it no problem on my iMac OS 10.3.9. Guess again. 20 dollars down the drain? These compatablility problems really make the computer industy and Apple as dicy as a crooked auto dealer service center. Have always loved my Apples, come on guys you can do better than this in being more comprehensive and strait forward about what soft ware works with which OSs. Don't buy this product as a strait forward application to work with MPEG files.

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    Worked Fine!

    Just purchased in order to work with MPEG Streamclip and my Sony Handycam video files. I agree we shouldn't have to purchase additional software just to make it work but at least it did work!

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    Did Exactly What I Needed, but still pretty expensive

    Had burned my wedding video from VHS cassette to DVD using a SONY DVD/VHS recorder and wanted to import video into iMovie. Not understanding this too much and reading a positive review of what a person did to get this to work in a similar way as I wanted, I took a gamble and downloaded the MPEG Stream clip version 9.3b version that addresses the no audio issue and paid the $19.99 for this MPEG-2 Playback Component and it worked beautifully. Later I noticed that my DVD file was in a .VOB file which is supported by the MPEG-2 Playback Component. An Apple rep told me I could do the same with Quicktime Pro for $29.99, but I decided to save myself the $10. Not sure why a customer needs to jump through hoops to get this done, why the component doesn't come pre-installed and why it's so expensive.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    this is an awful product, did nothing for me. bought because it said it would support the video off of my camera, but no luck. complete waste of $20.

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