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    Is Apple abandoning you (us) QuickTime, Final Cut Pro?

    We The Pro People, have been using Apple for many years. Could someone from Apple please make us, try and understand:
    • Why do I have to go BACK to QT 7 to use QT PRO? (aren't you embarrassed to ask this?)
    • We The Pro People with what you are doing to Final Cut Pro. Why?
    • What is the idea with Lion X? Why are there no major updates to fix so much? Or maybe you could forget it, follow the yellow brick road and come up with Bear X, or with OhMy X (Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh my!).
    We The Pro People have been faithful to you Apple for many years, and in return got the best from Apple. Please keep feeding us the best to keep our faith strong.
    Keep Mac OS X robust, well designed and in the front.
    Or is Apple so bewildered with iPhone, iPod, iPad, that Apple is losing interest in We The Pro People?
    Also in this relationship, I would rather have it straightforward, and not through subtle hints. If you are to leave, let us part as friends. It has been so good for so many years..

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    Stunningly Ridiculous!

    Apple needs to include all the Quicktime 7 features BACK into Quicktime 10. How dumb is this? Even the Apple Tech guys I spoke to on the phone don't get why they did this. The Lion version is missing WAY TOO MANY FEATURES. You can actually run both versions in Lion (or still have 7.6.6 to use instead of version 10). What a mess. C'mon Apple. This is not good. Steve would not be happy with this snafu.

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    Still Using Despite Newer Versions

    Due to the limitations and annoying user interface of QuickTime 10, I have continued to use QuickTime 7 (standard and Pro) over the years. Unlike some reviews I've seen on here that state otherwise, QuickTime 7 will continue to work on Snow Leopard and Lion. QuickTime 7 was an optional install included on the Snow Leopard DVD. After installing Lion, simply insert your Snow Leopard DVD and look under Optional Installs to get the option to install QuickTime 7.

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    Fall from Grace

    Was once a great program for professional media, now it's severely outdated and outdone by programs like Handbrake which encode 5x faster. Still has potential, if only Apple would update it to 64 bit...

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    Worst. Ever.

    This thing is confusing and worthless. QT 7 was great, why does Apple have to make it more confusing, less powerful and a lot more frustrating?
    iMovie is also absolutely terrible. Love the hardware, hate most of the software. I'm angry. And as usual, disappointed with their newest version.

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    What is up with this function? QT 10 vs QT 7 (pro) confusing enuf?

    QT used to work great on my MB Pro, ran mov wmv avi without a problem, now it won't even run mov. Crash crash crash. And am I getting this right, QT X should be replaced with QT Pro 7, huh? Isn't that backwards. What a mess! Really Apple we expect a lot better.

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    QuickTime 7 Pro Is Indispensable

    It's rare that a day goes by when I don't use QuickTime 7 Pro for one thing or another. Its editing, save, and export functions are invaluable for the time and trouble they save. It's a Swiss Army Knife kind of app...by which I mean that there are other tools that are better at doing certain things, but none of them are as handy or easy to use.

    And a round of huzzahs for the QT 7 player is in order as well. Its scroll bar (which resizes with the window) allows location control that is impossible with the fixed-size slider in the more recent QuickTime X...and the counter tracks the content timeline more accurately into the bargain.

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    Out of date and slow

    I moved from Windows where I used an old version of Roxio to convert video formats. Roxio worked in real time, 1 hour file took 1 hour to convert. My iMac is 5 years newer then my PC and with QuickTime 7 Pro the conversion is more like 5 to 1, 1 hour file took 5 hours to convert. I did not know QuickTime Pro 7 was so out of date. Sorry, but without an update QuickTime Pro is a waste of money.

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    After going all these months with the limitations of QT 10.0, I rediscovered from an earlier review [Feb./2010] that my old QT Pro was in the Utilities folder. Sure enough, there it was with my registration key still entered and still valid, and now I can do editing like rotating, etc. that I had been used to. If you want the editing abilities of QT 7 Pro, simply go to your Utilities Folder, look for QT 7 Player, and use the QT Menu to Register the product.

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    Why create a product that doesn't keep up with what is happening in the real world? It doesn't cope with the new video formats such as .mod and the mpeg2 plug-in that you have to buy, doesn't cope with AC3 sound...so why? I cannot recommend this product.

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    Such an easy thing as rotating and cropping.

    Not really easy, barely possible (the cropping part, but as videos are always landscape, you sort of have too)

    I hope I'll find another use than this one that I bought it for. It does a lot of converting (for which I found free tools before, but I'll have a closer look)

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    Great App in need of an update

    This is the best desktop app for quickly editing and sharing video and audio. QuickTime pro is an indispensable media for professionals or anyone who loves creating video and animation on the fly. It's ideal for making quick edits without loading your entire movie and photo library in iMovie. I can only hope this gets a proper update once Apple releases Lion.

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    Price is worth it

    The low price is worth it. By buying this upgrade it makes QuickTime actually usable for more than just playback. The ability to save movies and edit them makes this great software better and more usable.

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    Great Product! A most have for pro video editing

    To all the people having issues with Snow Leopard/Quicktime X installing Quicktime 7 Pro:
    To install on SL, you need to download Quicktime 7 Player for SL (under the downloads section). After installing it, run it and go to Quicktime 7 Player > Registration and simply enter your registration information. That's it, your QT7 player in Snow Leopard is now QT7 pro coexisting with Quicktime X.

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    quick time pro and capturing video from usb handycam...

    i just bought a top of the line Sony NEX VG10 Handycam thinking it was going to work great with my MacBook Pro and Final Cut Express, and it happens that I can not directly capture from my Handycam, I wonder if I could do it fromo QTPro? I had to buy a software called "ClipWrap" to convert my High Definition Movies (avchd, ,mts to .mov) then it takes a long time for Final Cut Xpress to read the files as the files are full HD, I am considering getting rid of my MacBook Pro and buying a Windows base computer to use the HD Sony video editing software that came with the NEX VG10, any suggestions/ideas? thanks

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    I have to agree with the other negative reviews. If you have Snow Leopard with Quicktime X installed, which basically any new MBP has....even following the directions to download QT 7 first will not work. I tried, it said I couldn't install 7 because I had QT X already on the system. What's worse is it wouldn't let me delete it. What is going on? I switched to Apple/Jobs to get away from these types of MS/Gates issues. I'm really surprised. This is so unusual for Apple. Someone really dropped the ball on this one. Stop being so arrogant and either fix the issue or take it off the site.

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    Quicktime X is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Pro upgrade

    I agree with HL from LA below:

    Quicktime X is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Pro upgrade and they don't say this clearly on their site. I don't think they say it at all, and you only find this out after wasting a lot of time researching it. That an upgrade is not compatible with any newer system is ridiculous. Right HL-0-- Sloppy and Very disappointing.

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    Because of the excellent stability and performance of the Apple Mac platform, I am not often inclined to criticize...

    This whole Quicktime X/Quicktime 7/Quicktime Pro upgrade is a train wreck. With Snow Leopard as the OS, you have install Quicktime 7 from the OS installation CD and then unlock the Pro functionality using the Pro registration key. This process is a bit kludgy considering Apple's normal attention to ease of use.

    The big problem is that unlocked Quicktime 7 Pro reverts to Player for some strange reason. I have not spent any time figuring out this obvious defect--and I shouldn't need to. Attention Apple, fix this nonsensical process or issue a refund; this is the sort of issue I would expect to encounter on a Wintel platform, not Mac.

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    So far not impressed

    Quicktime Pro does not give you the option to export .mp3 files. If I would have known this before I purchased the license, I would have opted for a different solution.

    Disappointed Apple Customer

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    Seven versus Ten

    Ten will record a download that used to require seven pro. Quicktime Seven is not needed for OS X's new "10.6" software.

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