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    QuickTime 7 Pro - Thatz Whatz UP!

    I Love It! For exporting, editing, converting, etc. When it comes to audio / video (for $30 bucks!) you can't beat QuickTime Pro. I use it mainly for exporting audio into different formats. Simply put, it's a great tool to have in the shed.

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    Magnificent (On a Mac)

    On my new Mac, QT Pro works flawlessly. On my (old) WinTel PC, there was slooow encoding isues, but the Mac version is absolutely perfect.

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    I have tried many media players throughout my computing career, but QuickTime has always been far and away the most reliable. It may sound cliché, but QuickTime brings out all the best qualities of Apple; dependability, efficiency, & a gorgeous interface. My college campus (Washington University in St. Louis) is very Mac-based, so naturally everything integrates seamlessly with everything else. As a Biomedical Engineer (BME), I require fast computing and rendering in both my computer and it's applications. Whenever I have some down time, that is when QuickTime helps us college students out; Watching movies in full screen, making our own hilarious home videos with iSight, or throwing together slideshows with pictures from the weekend. I highly recommend this program to anyone, from professionals to novices, engineers to English majors. Coming from a poor college student, QuickTime Pro 7 is a $30.00 well spent.

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    QuickTime Pro is the essential video tool.

    When you buy QuickTime Pro, you get two different and useful tools: First, QuickTime Pro unlocks some CODECs (compression types) in other programs. The biggest, baddest video tools can access most good CODECs already and the free Perian CODEC installer gives you many more. Smaller video and audio tools need QuickTime unlocked to reach their full potential to export. The second thing purchasing QuickTime Pro does is turn the QuickTime Player into a sophisticated editing and export application. It offers basic jump cut (transitionless) editing and simply audio and video layering but it also gives you access to non-destructive layering, positioning, scaling, rotating, and controlling QuickTime compatible movies in a way that almost no other tool does. At $30 QuickTime Pro is the best money you can spend to increase your video capabilities. Read up though, most QuickTime Pro users only scratch the surface of what QuickTime Pro can do.

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    Great for Quick recordings!

    Musicians and other artists, QT is terrific for quick recordings to send to project partners. I use it for all the usual stuff, too: file conversion, viewing content etc. But I haven't seen anyone mention the instant audio and video recording capability--for those who have camera and mic built in, especially. Then use Share (under file menu) to process file for email or whatever.

    Editing can get a bit technical, beyond simple cut and paste, but even us lay folk can do lots of useful and fun tasks with QuickTime. I appreciate it a lot! As do my bandmates and other musician friends.

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    Quick Time Pro

    Thanks to Apple for keeping up by releaseing QT Pro for purchase. The functions it provides our business for professional looking video is awesome.

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    quick time 7

    excelent upgrade very nice and work very well

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    Quicktime Pro

    Without a doubt, this is the best upgrade you can make for the money. Go ahead and pony op the $30.00, you'll thank me later!

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    A must-have for Mac users.

    Quicktime Pro works perfectly for me. I do a lot of video editing and this is great for converting video files. It works well for viewing even WMV video files. It's the main multimedia tool for the Mac and well worth the price.

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    Other features

    Why are people complaining about $30. For the extra features it is worth it. I make quick videos using camera in the mac to send to others. Have made audio recordings of meetings that are very clear. Good upgrade. Worth it for me.

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    This product is the best. 100% worth the $30 by far. Especially great for podcasting... makes it very easy to edit right in QuickTime! Even better when used with GarageBand and iMovie! A must have upgrade!

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    Final Cut Pro is overkill for almost anything I would need to do. What I need a video editing program for is encoding (saving movies into formats for web streaming and my iPod), some basic editing, color correction, slideshows, saving movies from the web, and viewing movies in full screen.

    QT Pro does all this and more. For less than $30 this is money well spent.

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    Easy, Powerful, Useful, (Did I say Easy?)

    What can I say? It is rare that a product continues to live up to it's hype. This is a simple, yet extremely powerful software that has continued to lead it's competitors by example. I use it exclusively for both my home and business solutions. Ultimately all video will end up being shown using Quicktime. Way to go Apple!

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    That did the trick!

    I needed to do the simple task of creating a movie from still images (png's). I've used Imagemagick on Linux, Videomach on windows, even using powerpoint to create a gif animation, but still wasn't happy with the quality and ease of use. Within a minute, QT Pro created exactly what I needed.

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    Pro grade software

    I read some of the other reviews here and saw complaints. As a video editor I can tell you quicktime is a very usefull tool. I want to correct some of the misunderstandings. Buying quicktime pro you enable its recording and exporting abilities. QT Pro comes with a long list of avaliable codecs, but it doesnt mean you can export your video to every 3rd party codec. For working with different codecs you should install them too. At the end you are geting pro quality software for an inexpensive price. QT pro may look like a simple software but it is used in professional video projects with no problem by me and many other video editors. If you are working on video at any degree its a must have software.

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    Golly Wally bad reviews

    I am simply amazed at all of the negative response, about Quicktime Pro.
    I have been using Quicktime Pro for several years on both windoze and macintosh machines. It has always performed flawlessly.
    Converting files is what I use it for. I use all of the high end video prod. software.
    Powerpoint is lame, what is its actual use? ( I actually do know how to use it very well) it can't handle large pictures, which causes stalls on even fast machines, won't work on another machine unless it has the exact same fonts etc.
    and most people think it is a slideshow software.
    iPhoto: golly wally does that really deal with video and sound? I did not know this.
    maybe to play but it is not a {video production anything} maybe to ....

    If it, Quicktime Pro doesn't work, I will just bet there is a user that has been buttering his bread with dumbbutter for way to long.
    My Advice: start thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX, there really is an opportunity for all if you just stop using the dumbbutter that is being handed out so freely.

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    Great for the price

    I do minimal video editing and converting. But, this is easy and works every time. Plus I love the 29.99 price.

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    Media Pros Love Quicktime

    Why are non-Media Professionals allowed to write reviews of software and hardware? If you are a non-Media Pro then your near sighted opinion of Mac hardware/software is about as valid as the notion of WMD's in Iraq. Quicktime is amazing and if you have a problem with it I highly recommend trying to use Windows Media Player, because it is a great deal more frustrating and out puts a lower grade of video.

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    i love it

    media players should all follow quicktime's lead

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    A wonderful tool

    I've read several reviews now. And many of the "reviewers" simply have not understood what QuickTime is. QuickTime is a player and a conversion tool. Plus, is it has some basic editing features for fine adjustment of saturation etc.

    I use QT regulary as player and for converting film clips. I also have Flip4Mac that enables QT to play and save WMV. It's a simple question of licensing. Also, I use QT for basic quick editing (cutting out short clips or addding short scenes).

    For "true" editing you need a video editing software, like iMovie, Final Cut Express or Pro or any other product on the Windows platform.

    QuickTime Pro is a perfect little helper, a swiss knife - easy to use - that every creative user should have.

    It's absolutely worth 29$.

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