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    not for professionals

    It is very cool for some users because it is now more simple to export for ipod, iphone and apple TV. However, the old way to export files was better. We are not able to chose an specific codec anymore... If you need to export a video to a specific editor, such as apple pro res, HDVCPRO, animation, etc, you have to do it on another software, because the new version is limited to some few presets. Good for beginners, bad for professionals... Overall it is cool, but I miss the export options. Hope the new versions can bring it back!

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    Would Have Been Nice to Know!!!

    I bought Pro and spent an immensely frustrating 90 minutes trying to edit (trim) a movie. The editing sliders (begin and end markers) wouldn't show up and I could not select parts of the movie. Why not? Pro won't edit MPEGs! The problem was only solved when I exported and reopened the video as an AVI.

    The user manual and online help should make this point clear! Neither was helpful. They all assumed the markers were showing and didn't suggest solutions to their absence. A troubleshooting guide in the manual would be nice.

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    Good Product

    I purchased the Quick Time 7 Pro to convert mpg to .mov video clips and it works well.

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    Solved my Problem - But Worth $30?

    I bought QT Pro for one reason only - it is (apparently) the only way you can make a video loop on AppleTV (open your movie, do view>loop then save).

    it performs that function flawlessly but I'm really not sure I need any of the other features of QT Pro. iMovie is a much better editing solution and I don't need the format conversion abilities - freeware like VisualHub or Handbrake already do a fine job of that for nothing.

    Maybe I'm missing some killer feature but for now, 3 stars only.

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    Good but difficult

    Although it's a good application and all, it can be quite difficult for the average user to use (especially with converting videos). There should be a few extra options (for example, PSP, iPod, PS3) so that the user doesn't have to manually find the right format that their device uses. I think Apple needs to work on that and, getting a few more codecs into the app (especially native inclusion of DivX, XviD and WMV, that would be great).

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    Good for what is

    QuickTime Pro is a nice little video conversion tool with some minimal editing and effects capabilities, and that's it. For example, if you have some .dv files that you want to turn into something that you can watch on your iPod, this is the thing to get. If, on the other hand, you have camcorder footage and want to edit that, use iMovie. And if, heaven forfend, you need to synchronize sound and image using timecode info, you need Final Cut (I think.)

    I think Apple overhypes this product dreadfully. As I said, it's a good video conversion tool, not an all-in-one consumer video editing solution. Ironically, I believe pro video users end up needing QT Pro for various small tasks, while amateur video users can do without it.

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    Great Product but....

    i purchased Quicktime 7 Pro for Windows and this software has been great for me so far. I had a few problems with it crashing on my Windows machine, but nothing major or that I wouldn't expect for Windows. Now that I have made the switch to the new iMac (my first Apple), you would think that my license could transfer to the Mac OS X, but Apple and their greedy accountants (no more so than Microsoft accountants) would like me to lay down more money for another copy to run on my iMac. Let's make the software available for both using the same key or at least give me a discount. Greed is what is drove me from Windows please Apple don't follow Microsoft's example.

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    it's good but should not charge us

    It is a good basic-editing player. It does all the things you'll expect it to, extract audio(which will be useful with the new iMovie as iMovie doesn't do that anymore), trim videos and more. But isn't it too selfish for Apple to charge people for even a full screen video player? of course, with quicklook and frontrow, we don't need to buy the software merely for its fullscreen function

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    You can now download video's to your harddrive.
    Furthermore no difference..

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    QuickTime Issues

    QT is fine when it works, but it have a PLETHORA of issues. And, if you have a problem, often time reinstalling it doesn't fix it. For a software Application of this magnitude, there should be an application repair utility or something to fix the program when there is a problem... It's a real disappointment. Apple has lots of innovation and it's products tend to reflect that, for the most part. Apple's Major FLAW, which is also reflected in its products, is that it makes the assumption that everthing will work perfectly... It should, instead, make things with the assumption that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Many of apple's products have few utilities to fix issues when they arrive.

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    ipod audio

    Quicktime is an alright buy depending on who you are and what you are going to do with it. if you want to export movie files out of quicktime pro you won't get sound with them unless they are demuxed files. if they are muxed you'll have to find a 3rd party software to do so, most of the time they are free. you can find out if it is muxed of demuxed if you click on the file and "get info." apple should tell people this. hope this helps some people!

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    converting to .wmv files

    When I try to convert .mov file to .wmv (windows media file) it will only convert up to 30 seconds of the movie. Does anyone out there have any idea why this happens this way? Any ideas about converting .mov to .wmv?

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    To the guy below me...

    I have Quitcktime Pro as well, Yes, it may take a little while to convert video but it is still a good product, after all...does it work? Yes. It does. 3 stars for apple.

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    Quicktime Pro should be included with Apple products

    Apple makes some amazing products. But being asked to pay $30.00 every time there's a Quicktime Pro update is ridiculous.

    We spend enough of our hard-earned money on expensive Apple products like the G5, the small army of iPods andsoftware such as Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro.

    Quicktime Pro should be bundled with these products. The license should be good for two years with free updates.

    My rating would be 5 stars because QT Pro is an excellent product but I'm only giving 3 stars because of the $30.00 factor.

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    Sour Apple taste

    As an ex-Apple employee, it pains me to dump on this product. Others have noted all the basic problems (unannounced deleting of previous versions, requiring full Pro upgrades in new versions, inability to reload previous versions, slow processing, etc.), but to find freeware (iSquint) that does an iPod video conversion faster, at half the kb of the QuickTime file, is really an insult.
    QuickTime Pro is still worth $30, but the experience leaves a bad aftertaste.
    Apple marketing folks (and you know who you are) should really rethink this one.

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    Happy to pay the $30 to convert iPod movies, but....

    .... installation needs to be more clear. I just downloaded the "key" and there are no clear instructions on where to unlock the Pro features. The instructions say to "click on buy QuickTime Pro" in the QT7 menu, which is now inaccessable. Under "Registration" I've entered the Key Code, but it's asking for a Registration Code. My "about QT7" shows no Pro features installed. What to do?

    As a recent convert from the XP adware, malware, spyware maelstrom, this is small potatoes. In several months of computer bliss with my G5 and iMac, this is the first real puzzler. Overall, one half-baked cookie won't spoil the whole batch.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Best player to use, but insulting to customers

    First off quicktime is the best player for watching movies

    But the upgrade scheme is just stupid, a rip-off and is insulting to their customers

    Bundle this with iLife without stupid upgrade keys.

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    Upgrade fee unexpected?

    If you were to upgrade, say Adobe Photoshop would you be surprised that you need to repurchase it? Because QT is a download doesn't make it differnt. You upgrade you pay like anything else.
    On the other hand, avi support is a little weak and some features should really be included without the need for pro, like full screen.
    Make money from lisencing not users Apple! To maintain QT popularity and distribution, especially to non mac users you have to provide.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Where did the software go that I paid for?

    As others have mentioned it is reprehensible that installing QT7notpro was as easy as it was (if I recall correctly it got upgraded through software update) given that it would then go on to to wipe out my old key, delete the old program, and replace it with software that is crippled and basically featureless compared to the software I paid for.

    To Apple, If I buy a software package from you, you best not replace it with the free version during an "update" operation. You could easily have renamed *my* software QT6 and saved the old key somewhere, you chose not to. Yes chose, I don't believe this was an honest mistake, shame on you.

    I decided not to falsely rate QT 1 star, because it is a good piece of software, at least the one that I bought was, but it doesn't get more than 3 b/c there is free software that handles more media still.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Its Just O.K.

    the title says it all...

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