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    Not Friendly

    • Written by from Blair

    I purchased MS Office for business use. The program does not play nice with the Mac OS. Very buggy. It freezes almost daily as I stress the limits of the program. If you plan on using Excel to open large data files, don't bother. It will frustrate you more than anything. I've had better luck with Open Office.

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    • Written by from Scottsdale

    Absolute GARBAGE. Useless. You will constantly be fighting this program on a Mac.

    As a side, I have been trying to fight this for almost a year...so this isn't just being reactive. It is absolutely useless garbage. I am actually considering dropping the Mac all together...very frustrating.

    Excel is FULL of bugs and looks nothing like any version before.
    Word is completely different and gives me a headache...everything has to be "cute" on a Mac
    Powerpoint is completely useless.

    Additionally, if you plan to migrate files over from a non-Mac...think again. Really just a shame to be honest.

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    Fix problems with Daemon etc...

    • Written by from Kigali

    In updating to recent versions - Microsoft daemon does not quit. There are all kinds of suggestions to address the issue online and I am sure some work. However one has to be a tech person to follow or have the time. The point about apple products or those it recommends is that they should be easy to use - not anything remotely related to rocket science. Please address this in a simple way

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    A reluctant user

    • Written by from HOOK

    Of all the products I have loaded on my Power Book, this is the product that falls over the most. I was typing the word 'I've' into Outlook and Outlook wants to uppercase the the 'V', the back space stops working at the same time. There is no intuitive way of deleting mails in outlook without physically opening them. When creating a Powerpoint Chart, that links to Excel, I found the columns in the speadsheet, after I dragged for autocopy, the cell couldn't be edited afterwards and changed back to the original values. I'm getting bored of the prompt asking me to notifying the vendor of a crash. Fundamentally, I haven't put this software on my machine out of choice, it's a business necessity. Roll on the day when Microsoft isn't the business standard office suite. With the quality of this software, hopefully it won't be that long!

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