Can this remote be used when there is no line of sight to the mac? Is there a Bluetooth option?

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    There is no Bluetooth option, yet. You do not require line-of-sight to successfully operate the Apple Remote; the infra-red signal is strong enough to reflect off nearby surfaces. I have successfully controlled devices up to 30 feet around sharp corners with no direct line of sight using the reflected signal from white walls. (Darkly-colored walls will not reflect well.)

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  • As far as I can determine, the Apple Remote continues to use infrared, and not Bluetooth, communications.

    While this usually does require line-of-sight operation, it is possible to "bounce", or reflect, the infrared signal off the walls. So to answer your first question, it may be possible for you to not rely on line-of-sight, but such a scenario would depend on the material of your walls as well as the type of paint used.

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  • There is no bluetooth option to it. What you can do, since it is infrared, is point it at a wall that is perpendicular to it.

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  • Hi, there is no bluetooth option. You can use it when it is not directly pointing at the mac. to some extent.

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  • No, Only Infrared

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  • Quoted from item description (directly above these Q/As):
    "Compatible with Apple products introduced in 2005 or later that have a built-in infrared (IR) receiver."

    No, as the Apple Remote uses IR it will not function without line of sight to the mac. There is currently no bluetooth option available

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  • only with infrared, however the infrared is very strong compare to other devices. even the old model is strong enough. basically is enclosure new design. i wonder will it work like click wheel for volume control. :)

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