Can it be configured for right click?

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    Yes. You can set it up so that a 2 finger click registers a right click. And Apple says that this is just like a MacBook Pro trackpad, so presumably it should also register a right click when you click in the lower right corner.

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  • Yes. There are multiple ways. This one is my preference.

    1. Once the mouse icon is hovering over the item in question, place two fingers on the Trackpad simultaneously. The right click box will appear automatically if one is available.

    2. Switch to one finger and guide the mouse to the desired setting, and tap to select.

    This option works best if you prefer 'tap to select' vs. physically depressing the Trackpad. See system settings to select this feature. Also, this practice is a good first step in developing one's ability to use the many multiple finger controls on the Trackpad, which are the real gem of the device.

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  • Yes. You can program touching either the lower left or right corners as an alternate right click.

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  • Tapping (if enabled) with two fingers, or clicking with two fingers.

    The bottom corners can also be assigned that task.

    You can access these settings in the Trackpad preference pane in System Settings.

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  • It should run just like the trackpad on a MacBook pro, which means:

    Yes, you can right click (you set it up in System Pref) -- two finger tap is right clicking

    Yes, you can use it in place of the mouse, but I will leave both connected because there are times you may prefer the mouse

    Point with one finger, scroll with two, three swiping to the left goes back a page on a browser, three to the right moves you forward to a previously viewed page, you can set it up for other gesture, such as three fingers swipe down for Expose (which is great).

    Can't wait to pick this up...

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  • Yes. It uses the standard Trackpad Preference/features including Secondary Click (Right Click) and I believe Accessibility features like "sticky" click for easily dragging files/objects.

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  • It's taken me a month to figure out the "lower corner" option. Until now, I've found the two-finger tap has worked best for me, but there is an option to assign "Secondary Click" to either the lower left or lower right corner. The included video instruction does not make clear that one must press, rather than simply touch-and-hold, on the respective corner.

    Once that option has been assigned, one must press on the MTP until the associated "foot" on the MTP clicks (one should both hear and feel it). The Secondary Click menu then appears.

    [Note that the MTP must be on a flat, stable surface for the above to work. Alternatively, one can "pinch" the respective foot until it clicks.]

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  • Two Finder tap for right click, just like the trackpad on the macbook

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