Is it comfortable to use the smart cover as a handle (fold in back like a triangle) when using the ipad 2?

Like when you use the smart cover as a stand for ipad 2, now the same exact position rest your thumb in the front of your ipad 2 while your other 4 fingers are on grip of the smart cover. Will the magnet hold, Is that safe or is it very likely for ipad 2 to slip?

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    It's very likely, almost eminent actually that if you hold it that way, the smart cover will actually detach and your iPad will fall to the ground. DO NOT hold it that way. EVER.

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  • As long as the case is pressed firmly against your iPad AND you have a firm grip of the front of the iPad screen with your thumb, the holding position you describe works well. However, if your grip is at all compromised (if you're wearing gloves, for example), you should probably not hold the iPad in that manner. As far as I can tell, the crucial factor of this holding position is to make sure that your thumb always has a grip on the front of the iPad. The moment the thumb leaves the top of the iPad, the magnet *will* detach and the iPad will fall.

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  • Please do not ever use your cover as a handle.
    As per HT4578 it states:

    iPad 2: How to use the iPad Smart Cover
    The iPad Smart Cover is a thin, durable cover that protects the screen of the iPad 2. The iPad Smart Cover uses magnets to connect to iPad 2 and align for a perfect fit. It can also fold into a stand for typing, viewing movies, and making FaceTime video calls. Opening and closing the Smart Cover will wake and sleep iPad 2 and the microfiber lining inside helps keep the device's screen clean.

    Products Affected
    iPad 2, iPad Accessories

    It is important to know that you should always pick up your iPad 2 by grasping the device itself—not the Smart Cover. To avoid the Smart Cover separating from the iPad and causing the iPad to drop, do not try to pick up the iPad 2 by the Smart Cover alone, because the magnets are not designed to withstand that type of force.

    The iPad Smart Cover is designed to work only with iPad 2, not the original iPad.

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